Human Resources Featured Stories:

    • Perfecting The Move: How Enhanced Relocations Can Help Win The Talent War

      by Matt Bradford

      The call of Alberta’s oil and gas sector can be alluring, but as industry employers know all too well, it takes more than the promise of good pay and solid work to attract talent to the north. Indeed, with industries across Canada vying for skilled labour, it falls on Alberta’s energy recruiters to make the […]

    • On The Hunt For Talent

      Venor Search Group Exposé

      Venor Search Group Expands Into Newfoundland The human resource forecast for 2020 predicts a massive 70,000 vacant positions. That’s a paramount growth explosion which we have never seen in this region. This growth will lead to significant challenges for labour supply, specifically in the oil and gas and energy sectors. Companies working in the energy industry will need to focus on their […]

    • Kids Talk Energy

      by Tina Olivero

      Jada Santuccione Age: 11 We get oil from drilling underground and it’s important because oil is a type of fuel that we get energy from. The type of job I would like to have in the oil industry is the person who organizes the money. Ben Olivero Age: 11 Oil is a petroleum based liquid […]

    • Hiring: Believe Them – The First Time

      by Tina Olivero

      Have you ever been scammed by a scammer or taken by a taker? Yes, we all have at some point in our lives. When this happens in business, it’s extremely upsetting because it takes up so much time and wastes thousands of dollars. Knowing that someone is not a fit for your company is as […]

    • Think Before You Learn – The Cost-benefit Analysis of University Degrees

      by Tom Smith

      If you’re a savvy 18 year-old or the parent of a high school student, the contents of this article could literally be worth several million dollars to you. A seemingly preposterous claim, granted, but as it turns out, a simple shift in perception of the conventional wisdom about university could radically alter your life. But […]

    • Kids Talk Energy

      by Tina Olivero

      Meadow Baker Age: 6 What do we need oil for? Cars and motorcycles and mowlawners. What is your dad’s job? My dad’s job is going on the oil rig on the helicopter, and he owns two day cares. What is an oil rig? It’s like a big thing underwater. There’s legs on it that can […]

    • The Risks And Rewards Of Entrepreneurial Leaders

      by Sean McLean

      Forceful. Ruthless. Impatient. Controlling. Unreasonable. These adjectives are unlikely to be top-of-mind when most people are asked to describe the ideal leader. Yet any scan of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs reveals that many frequently demonstrate these and other undesirable leadership characteristics. Why then does the word entrepreneur have a positive connotation? Why are so […]

    • Y is the Gap so Great?

      by Denise Baril

      Being in the training industry, I see that the generational gap is expanding, but believe I am one who truly gets it. I just happen to be one of those wise leaders who understand the next generation. So, I take the online quiz to see how close I mirror Gen Y. I was going to […]

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