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    Venor Search Group Expands Into Newfoundland

    The human resource forecast for 2020 predicts a massive 70,000 vacant positions. That’s a paramount growth explosion which we have never seen in this region. This growth will lead to significant challenges for labour supply, specifically in the oil and gas and energy sectors. Companies working in the energy industry will need to focus on their business growth while they avail of subcontracted experts to fill roles with experienced people.

    As a result, talent search groups are setting strong foundations in Atlantic Canada to be ready to supply this need. Venor Search Group is a dynamic executive search firm that boasts
    one of the most experienced teams in the industry with local, regional, national, and global reach. They specialize in recruiting at the Director, VP, and C suite level. Darrell Collier, who leads Business Development in Newfoundland and Labrador for Venor Search Group, says, “We encourage our clients to focus on company goals and objectives and allow us to assist them in attracting and retaining the best talent to meet those goals and objectives.”

    Venor has established strategic partnerships with Conroy Ross Partners and Optimum Talent who are the top executive search firms in Western and Central Canada respectively, giving them national scope in resourcing much needed skill sets for their clients in Atlantic Canada.

    Venor recently opened an office in St John’s, Newfoundland, to be strategically positioned for the growth ahead. Lewis Stoyles, Senior Advisor with Venor, notes the importance of matching talent and culture, “Our Newfoundland and Labrador clients are looking to hire people who are open and committed to the growth of their organisation. They are looking for specific competence and they want people who fit their culture and their vision for the future. Clients also want to be assured that credible, competent people will be assessing the fit of prospective candidates with their companies. That’s what we deliver on.”

    With Newfoundland and Labrador’s Human Resources Labour and Employment forecast of 70,000 job openings in the province by 2020, Collier says, “The competition for talent in the energy sector in Newfoundland and Labrador is such that it is no longer smart to rely on the ‘post and pray’ method when advertising jobs. You need a recruitment partner who is very well connected, is savvy in the market, and will do the legwork to identify and target the right individuals in a strategic and compelling manner. Lewis Stoyles and I have been integrated into the Newfoundland network for over twenty years — practically the life of our petroleum industry in the province. That industry experience is really what makes recruiting work well. It’s who we know coupled with a strategic network of high level recruiting strategies that make all the difference.”

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