by Tina Olivero

    WATER IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF OUR PLANET: Winners of the 2024 Global Water Awards

    In the heart of historic London, industry leaders and innovators convened at the Global Water Summit for the prestigious 2024 Global Water Awards ceremony. Organized by Global Water Intelligence (GWI), this summit represents the apex of the water industry’s business conferences worldwide, recognizing exceptional achievements in water stewardship.

    Global Water Intelligence is proud to announce that the winners, and recipients of the distinction awards, of the 2024 Global Water Awards are: 

    Water Company of the Year 
    DISTINCTION – Gradiant
    NOMINATED – IDE Technologies
    NOMINATED – Metito
    Desalination Company of the Year 
    WINNER – Acciona 
    DISTINCTION – Saline Water Conversion Company (SWCC) 
    NOMINATED – Wetico
    Water Technology Company of the Year 
    WINNER – Grundfos
    DISTINCTION – Siemens
    NOMINATED – Axius Water
    NOMINATED – Cambi

    Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year 
    WINNER – Aqua Membranes
    DISTINCTION – Purecontrol
    NOMINATED – Indra Water
    NOMINATED – Aclarity

    Public Water Company of the Year 
    WINNER – Saudi Water Partnership Company, Saudi Arabia
    DISTINCTION – New York City Department of Environmental Protection, USA
    NOMINATED – Emirates Water and Electricity Company, UAE
    NOMINATED – Rand Water, South Africa
    Desalination Plant of the Year 
    WINNER – Jubail 3A IWP, Saudi Arabia
    DISTINCTION – Jurong Island Desalination Plant, Singapore
    NOMINATED – Cabo San Lucas SWRO, Mexico
    NOMINATED – Shoaiba 4 NF Mg Recovery System, Saudi Arabia
    Water Project of the Year 
    WINNER – Poblacion WTP, Philippines
    DISTINCTION – San Fernando Groundwater Treatment Program, USA
    NOMINATED – Laramba WTP, Australia
    NOMINATED – National Carrier Flow Reversal, Israel
    Wastewater Project of the Year 
    WINNER – Changi WRP Expansion, Singapore
    DISTINCTION – Umm Al Hayman WWTP, Kuwait
    NOMINATED – Glina WWTP Expansion, Romania
    NOMINATED – Shenzhen Fuyong WWTP Phase 2, China
    Smart Water Project of the Year 
    WINNER – Dubai Hydro Insight, UAE
    DISTINCTION – Lahaina emergency sewer assessments, USA
    NOMINATED – Dhaka real-time water security, Bangladesh
    NOMINATED – Monterrey demand management, Mexico
    Water Reuse Project of the Year 
    WINNER – ADSWS Recycling Transformation, UAE
    DISTINCTION –Santa Monica Sustainable Water Infrastructure Project, USA
    NOMINATED – New Delta WWTP, Egypt
    NOMINATED – Orange County GWRS, USA

    Industrial Project of the Year 
    WINNER – Slaughterhouse wastewater treatment, Saudi Arabia
    DISTINCTION – NMDC ZLD plant, India
    NOMINATED – Martens Brewery WWTP upgrade, Belgium
    NOMINATED – Anwil WWTP modernisation, Poland

    Water Stewardship Programme of the Year
    WINNER – Intel water conservation and restoration
    DISTINCTION – Danone Aguascalientes programme, Mexico
    NOMINATED – Gap/Arvind Global Water Innovation Centre for Action, India
    NOMINATED – GSK Godavari basin rejuvenation, India

    Net Zero Carbon Champion 
    WINNER – Xylem
    DISTINCTION – Scottish Water
    NOMINATED – IDE Technologies
    NOMINATED – Stantec


    Global Water Intelligence (GWI) has recently revealed the winners of the highly anticipated 2024 Global Water Awards, presented during the distinguished Global Water Summit held in London. These awards recognize the pinnacle achievements within the international water industry and highlight initiatives that drive progress through improved performance, innovative technology adoption, and sustainable financial models.

    In a world where climate change is amplifying weather extremes, the imperative to achieve water security has never been more critical. The 2024 awards reflect a heightened focus on addressing the climate crisis, advancing net zero carbon and water targets, and bolstering resilience amid a shifting global landscape.

    The Water Company of the Year title was claimed by SUEZ, a leading force in innovative water management solutions, demonstrating an unparalleled commitment to sustainability. Gradiant also received a distinction for their outstanding contributions to the industry. Meanwhile, Acciona was honored as the Desalination Company of the Year, praised for their transformative approach to seawater desalination alongside Saline Water Conversion Company (SWCC), recognized for excellence.

    In the realm of technology, Grundfos emerged victorious as the Water Technology Company of the Year, showcasing cutting-edge advancements in smart water solutions. Aqua Membranes secured the Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year award for their revolutionary contributions to water purification technology.

    Public entities were not left out, with the Saudi Water Partnership Company, Saudi Arabia, claiming the Public Water Company of the Year accolade. New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection received distinction for its noteworthy achievements.

    Project highlights included the Poblacion Water Treatment Plant in the Philippines, honored as Water Project of the Year, and the Changi Wastewater Reclamation Plant Expansion in Singapore, recognized as Wastewater Project of the Year.

    Among the standouts in sustainable initiatives, Intel’s Water Conservation and Restoration program earned the Water Stewardship Programme of the Year award, showcasing the transformative power of corporate responsibility in water management.

    Furthermore, Xylem was celebrated as the Net Zero Carbon Champion, embodying leadership in driving carbon neutrality within the industry.

    The Global Water Awards underscore the importance of innovation and responsible stewardship in tackling water-related challenges. This year’s winners exemplify the industry’s commitment to transformative change, turning formidable water challenges into opportunities for a sustainable and resilient future.

    The convergence of water and finance at the Global Water Summit marks the beginning of critical conversations on engaging capital markets in addressing these challenges. Join us next year to witness how water innovation and investment can transform our world.

    SOURCE & IMAGES: Global Water Intelligence

    Tina Olivero

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