Welcome to The OGM Interactive Sustainable Vision Board

Our Initiative to Help Create a Sustainable Future.

What is The OGM Vision Board?

Sustainability - Our ability to SUSTAIN into an era that ensures our secure future for generations to come. The intention of this sustainable vision board is to power and fuel sustainable mindsets all over the world!

The idea that we can imagine, create and execute a future that is self sufficient and self supporting for the lives of our children and generations to come is worth focusing on.

We've created a place for people to declare their own sustainable visions, creations and to tell us about it. Our vision is to showcase sustainable minds all over the world, finding each other, uniting, partnering and creating solutions that are not yet in existence.

The power of collaboration with sustainable outcomes! We invite you to share your contributions or ideas with us and ask all the people in your organizations and communities to do the same.

It's real simple:

  1. Select your geographic location on the map
  2. Fill out your contribution on the form
  3. Upload supporting pictures or video
  4. Add your pin

Happy Pinning!

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