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The OGM is inspired and advanced by respected leaders of innovation, vision, and consciousness industry and the ongoing intricacies of global business influencers.


This business and industry portal is a powerful and dynamic everchanging mix of great minds and their contribution to the world.  Learn, engage, educate and understand the challenges, innovation, and accomplishments, that make up the world of business.

The evolution of how people receive and dissect information is rapidly changing, particularly with a new generation of future leaders gaining a foothold in influential positions. This explosion of information technology combined with new realms of social media and multimedia platforms places us at the most exciting time of information in history.

The OGM delivers unique content in such a way that it communicates the way we think about our world and how we live and operate while developing it. We understand that this concept is crucial to sustaining engagement, as we’ve taken great care to ensure our energy information reflects global “pop” culture, as personal and professional mastery of both aspects, is critical.

Our content is intended to be highly visual and is written at a high level of expertise as opposed to being highly technical. However, the term “culture” can mean something different to everyone which is exactly what makes The OGM remarkably unique.

From energy to art and everything in between, we have over 50 genres to capture your interest and contribute your stories too.  So whether your interests lie in the tech industry or wanting to know which venture funds are investing in the latest start-ups or you are interested in aviation and finding the latest innovations in aircraft manufacturing, you will most likely find it here.

The OGM blends Energy + Culture in a harmonious platform that caters to something for everyone. We understand that the world is varied and ever-changing. That’s why we’ve invented U PUBLISH IT, for industry professionals to contribute their stories on trending business and cultural topics, that will inspire you!

The world is now in a SELF-PUBLISHING era.   We encourage you to share your knowledge and expertise with others – www.TheOGM.com/U-Publish-It.  Afterall, the world want’s what you have to share. 


Founder & Publisher

  • Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

    Founder & Global Visionary

    As Founder & Publisher, Tina’s background in leadership, international affairs, and marketing collaborate in unique ways that, over the past two decades, has culminated in optimizing communication systems with an impeccable and diligent focus on the cognizance of sustainability and global unity. Reach her at tinaolivero@theogm.com.

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