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    Norwegian tax relief proposal could double near-term industry post-tax cash flow

    by Tina Olivero

    The temporary tax relief proposal announced by the Norwegian Government, and designed to ensure near-term investment in the country, could double industry post-tax cash flow in 2020 and 2021, which would increase company liquidity in the short term, according to leading data and analytics company GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company. GlobalData’s report, ‘COVID-19 […]

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    ConocoPhillips is reinventing the way applications are built

    by Tina Olivero

    As the global leader in enterprise low-code, and a Siemens business, Mendix enables customers to drive innovation and competitive advantage. With Mendix, companies can balance their buy-versus-build approaches, allowing them to choose opportunities where in-house applications might provide differentiating capabilities. One of the main arguments for off-the-shelf software is that development from scratch costs too […]

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    2,000 letters in support of Canada’s offshore

    by Tina Olivero

    Canadians have sent more than 2,000 letters of support asking the federal government to invest in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil and natural gas industry. The letters from supporters of the offshore were directed to Members of Parliament as well as Minister of Natural Resources Seamus O’Regan, Minister of Finance Bill Morneau, Minister of Environment […]

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    £1,000 grants given to schools for Computer Science & Tech

    by Tina Olivero

    EnergySys Limited, a leading oil and gas cloud technology provider, is proud to celebrate its 20th anniversary. To mark the milestone, EnergySys will be providing grants of £1,000 to support the Computer, Science and Technology departments in twenty schools. The grants will be made available over the course of the next twelve months.   The schools who receive a grant will be selected by our staff and […]

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    Have You Had The Chance To Discover The Wonder And Magic Of The Sea?

    by Tina Olivero

    Have you ever taken a deep sea dive and travelled back in time to the history of days gone by? Have you ever looked eye to eye with a whale as it breaches the surface of the water and just know something magical just happened? Have you ever taken a sea kayak trip into the […]

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