by Tina Olivero

EnviroMed G7 Changes The Game of Safety

Technology is expanding at exponential rates and has the capacity to make things happen faster and easier. In the world of safety that could never be more true, as new state-of-the-art solutions are emerging for industries around the globe.


Tracking and Responding

Technology has allowed our workplaces, remote locations and hazardous environments to be much safer. New detection, tracking and responding devices are taking over the scene and allowing us to feel much better about our workspaces and goals of zero incidences on the job. Technology is now working where it matters most – safety. With safety alerts, monitoring, tracking and full transparent communication, workplaces are now connected and much safer.  Knowing who’s on your site, where people are, how they are, where evacuation needs to take place, real-time response, remote area access, real-time incidence response, and following leading indicators of “near misses”, are all possible with the new state-of-the-art G7 Blackline system.

Lee Parmiter, CEO of EnviroMed Detection Services says, “Technology mitigates risk. It’s that simple. New advances in detection and response are so effective these days that we reduce human error dramatically. For example, the Blackline G7, which is a real-time, state-of-the-art, electronic gas detection unit is far outperforming what humans can do in much less time. Detection and reporting are replacing human reporting. Extensive gas detection training is no longer necessary. These day’s people have full access and communication in difficult places, remote locations and hazardous regions. This is the future of safety”

The G7 tracks workers and their performance and positioning. For example, if a worker trips, falls and goes down a G7 alert is triggered, transmitted and help is on the way within seconds. It’s all automated and immediate.

The G7 is breaking new ground through no motion detection, fall detection, missed check in’s, gas detection and just about anything you can think of on the job. It provides operator tracking, real-time tracking and communication, remote communication, third-party communication, in-house monitoring with two-way voice communications and on-the-spot Reporting. The system itself takes care of data logging so that follow-up and paperwork becomes a thing of the past.

Think Ahead

The G7 excels in proactive safety protocols. It provides an SOS Pull-Station Emergency feature for on the job emergency situations. It also allows for gas detection monitoring and “PREDETERMINED” maintenance execution which mitigates the possibility of accidents in the future.

Lee says, “offshore or on land this G7 devise works via satellite or cellular, allowing a full scope and range of communication, tracking and detection. We are extremely proud to be supplying such an advanced system to the industry because at the end of the day, our goal is the same goal as our clients – zero incidence.  We sleep at night knowing that the technology we provide keeps people safe.”


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