by Tina Olivero

TINA OLIVERO: New E-World Sales & Marketing Systems for Industrial Companies

The pandemic transformed how we stay connected. It changed how we share ideas and opportunities. People had to get creative, and they had to do it fast. The result was a whole new E-World that ultimately will make us more versatile, globalized, and resilient.

When people stopped flying and the world shut down, people had to get super creative and implement new models for marketing, sales, hiring, investor relations, PR, supply/vendors and processes, partnerships and more.

This new E-world meant harnessing zoom and teams platforms and ensuring the environment of the meeting was connected and professional even if you were meeting from your bedroom.

While we now start to get back on the road, and travel becomes more available, the power of E-business will forever play a role in how we expand and grow in business from here forward.


You want to sell an industrial product or you want to position for a bid…. how are you going to do it?

Warm handshake, friendly smile, grab a coffee? What about the fact that we don’t want to travel as much as we used to for things like tradeshows and face-to-face meetings?

Succeeding in sales today, means moving from the outside world to the inside of a computer world. And the transition from in the field to inside a computer is a whole other ball game.

Hybrid work models have quickly become the norm. Either fully remote solutions sprung into existence or a combination of out in the field and online is the new method of doing business. No matter what, hybrid work scenarios are here to stay.


Being creative, using personalized emails, having engaging zooms are now the baseline for communicating with potential clients.

When we are on zoom, we will face distractions and it’s our job to find new ways to keep our clients connected. With organization, creativity, and powerful engagement, we can have an effective E-Work environment which can out-perform old sales models.

Think about it, less travel, more meetings, less cost, more communication. It adds up. Business is nothing more than a network of conversations. People who organize conversations effectively, stack meetings and create an E-Flow work environment will win the game of the E-work world.

Building great relationships, trust and rapport is still the foundation of any relationship. Having clients get to know, like and trust you is key, online or in person. So, the rules haven’t changed in that regard. Building rapport still means a professional appearance and zoom background, good communication, understanding your client, finding common ground, discovering needs, sharing experiences, matching mannerisms and speech, future pacing and finding solutions.

Quickly adapting to this new E-World means recreating the outside world inside the computer world. It means finding new ways to connect and get personal with relationships so that there is a strong foundation of trust established online.


As publishers of a global energy magazine, The OGM served clients around the globe ensuring suppliers and energy companies got their message to the right market.

Publisher Tina Olivero says, “During the pandemic it became apparent that tradeshows and flying to meetings was not an option for us or our clients. E-meetings became the norm and suddenly, the world got much smaller. Client contact became easier, faster, and automated. Computer advances and algorithms took over the laborious job of research and client acquisition. Business development costs came down, workflows became more efficient, and sales took off for us. That would not have happened, except for the pandemic. Long story short, there’s a silver lining in everything, when we are willing to embrace the challenges, we then reap the rewards.”

PaaS is a client solution that searches out potential clients, matches content with buyer and seller and creates an automated lead generation system. Where traditional advertising could be hit and miss at times, PaaS connects those interested, with those selling and the computer algorithm does all the work of bringing them together. As a result, expanding into new markets is now affordable. Finding your exact right client is now easier. All of this is because of the new E-Work environment and computer AI.

Visionary Tina Olivero says, “The E-world will expedite globalization and before we know it, doing business anywhere in the world at any time, will be an affordable proposition. Global commerce is emerging, and the opportunities are truly endless.”

Tina Olivero says, “We must look into the future and see that nations will unite; languages will merge, and boarders and boundaries will fall away. Open and free markets will be the foundation of the global playing field of business as we grow exponentially with E-Business automations and processes.”


Ryan Burrowes, CEO of Warehouse Transport Group and head of Canada/Guyna operations said, “As a CEO of a growing logistics and investment company, I was in dire need of new digital technology to take my business online. We needed a marketing and sales enhancement solution and a way to scale. I found everything and more with Tina and TheOGM Agency team. Having lived all over the world, Tina is a visionary who sees things from a global perspective.

Our operations have a foothold in Guyana, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. So Tina and her team are a perfect fit for us. The OGM’s new digital business development solutions are strategic and sustainable for the new world order where everyone is doing business on Zoom.

The OGM digital tools come with algorithms and automation that provide us with a flow of never-ending, high-level opportunities to quote on new work. Not just any work but leads with key decision-makers for our business. That is invaluable. The OGM is a platform with new digital tools that we all need in a business in this day and age. This new digital game is entirely different and capitalizing on that makes for really exciting times. Tina and her team have gone over and above our contractual agreement and, honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s the people we want to work with. Already, I consider her a part of our family, for now, and for the future.”

Ryan Burrowes CEO, Warehouse Transport Group Canada-GuyanaWarehouseTransport.ca

New digital processes make things easier. Early adapters will create long-term sustainable companies.


There are many companies out there that are trying to adapt online. For energy companies choosing the right partners who have extensive experience in the energy industry is key. Tina Olivero says, “The most important part of outreach and communication right now is content. You have to partner with key marketing and sales people who speak “energy”. Otherwise you are trying to bring your clients into your world, with someone who does not understand your business and most importantly, doesn’t understand what your clients need. That’s a one way ticket to no success. Aligining with The OGM as 30-year publishers of energy content, coupled with our digital media agency, makes us a premium choice. When you have that level of business competence, communication is easy. Adapting with new digital processes and creating automations has to be routed in powerful words, which create powerful actions, which create powerful results. It’s that simple. These are truly incredible times. Reach out and lets what we can create.”


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