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    Levert Group

    Levert Group – Their Product is People. The Right People.

    by Trisha Lavigne

    Save time. Save money. Save resources. Having heard that before, it applies to many products and services that promote efficiency to some degree. There is also an efficiency to be found when hiring and finding employment. Many companies are struggling to fill positions in today’s labour market, while trying to stay competitive in the global […]

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    SeaAir EBS_SeaAir – The Emergency Breathing System, SeaAir EBS, is supplied as an integral part of the SeaAir Survival Suit.

    Hansen Protection SeaAir EBS: Setting a new standard for Emergency Breathing Systems

    by Morten Broks

    Hansen Protection has really raised the bar for Emergency Breathing Systems with the introduction of SeaAir EBS. Its capability to withstand freezing temperatures, a design that enables breathing to start under water, its unique nose clip and other factors combined have resulted in CAA-UK approval for use in helicopter transport to and from oil rigs. […]

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    Sensors – Revolutionizing The Way We Do Business

    Sensors – Revolutionizing The Way We Do Business

    by Maggie Hynes

    The world we live in is demanding. Not only are we demanding more crude oil and natural gas, but we are demanding more efficient capitalization and consistent operations of these resources. Essentially, we want more bang for our buck – but who doesn’t? In a world that constantly seeks to operate in the most successful […]

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    Oil Prices Cratered? It’s Déjà vu all over again!

    by Nancy Boisvert

    Yogi Berra is a well-known former baseball player and member of Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame. But he is also very well-known for his many malapropisms. Even those of us who aren’t baseball fans or are too young to have watched him play are familiar with many of these memorable phrases. One of his […]

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    The Mourning After -The What If Factor

    by Simon Mac Innis

    A serious accident is perhaps the most traumatic event that can take place at any workplace. It is the event that every health and safety professional tries to prevent. However, regardless of how many training programs, precautionary measures and disciplinary systems an employer implements, serious workplace accidents can and do happen every day. You can […]

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