by Tina Olivero

    Looking For Your Match?

    As the baby boomers reach the age of retirement, the idea of doing so just doesn’t seem to fit for most. It’s premature, it’s kind of old-fashioned, and it’s a gaping hole with the question “what next?” in it.

    The truth is, most people who retire after a great career hate it. According to Statistics Canada, 64 percent of retirees express some regrets within 1 to 3 years of full retirement. Most boomers plan to be financially stable during retirement, but very few boomers consider what they will do when they retire. Sure, vacations and travelling sound great. No schedule to dominate you. But that gets old pretty quick.

    Research shows that only 3 percent of people plan psychologically for retirement. The fact that boomers are healthier and living longer also adds to the desire to do something constructive in the so-called “retirement years.” With more choices than ever, unlimited possibilities, and a job market that is booming and crying for an experienced workforce – we are in interesting times. We are in an era of globalization, exponential growth, and internet connectivity. That means that boomers are redefining what retirement means and creating a new realm of possibilities.

    Get Hired

    The process of hiring people has elevated with the times, and online dating success models are now the basis for the new hiring era. Online matchmaking has become the foundation for finding your next employee with progressive companies like Boomerswork of Nova Scotia, Canada. Not bound by time frames, geography, or any physical limitations, Boomerswork has invented the “match made in heaven” for your business growth.


    CEO Rick Emberley says, “We’re not consultants. We’re not headhunters. We’re matchmakers. Our network has the skills, and our employers are facing the challenges. We just make sure that the right talent finds the right opportunity. Job seekers join our network because they don’t want “just another job.” They’re not satisfied with a comfy chair and a paycheque; they want a chance to tackle real problems and bring value to businesses. And since Boomerswork specializes in fixed-term and part-time opportunities, they get the flexibility to enjoy all aspects of the lifestyle they have worked hard to earn.”

    The oil industry turns to Boomerswork when they are faced with a unique business challenge that calls for a seasoned professional, but hiring full-time isn’t an option. Just like online dating, the potential hire creates a free Boomerswork account and job seeker profile. Once the profile is completed, Boomerswork technology sets out to analyze the information and locate a match based on relevant opportunities submitted by employers.

    Once potential employees have activated their Boomerswork account and created at least one profile, they are eligible to be matched. This means when an employer looks for someone with that particular set of skills and experience, a match notice is generated from the profile and the process begins.

    Rick says, “Boomerswork helps energy employers address their toughest business challenges by matching them with experienced, proven professionals who can begin providing solutions right away. Our network is made up of seasoned professionals with 20+ years in their fields and track records of delivering results. They’ve paid their dues, and now they are looking for something beyond 9 to 5. They want to balance the lifestyles they’ve worked hard to earn with meaningful work – like solving your most challenging business problems. This means you can hire on a part-time or term basis and get the right skills for a job – without making a long-term commitment. And since we charge a flat fee for each search, you’ll know from the beginning what the price tag will be. This means you can worry less about how big a markup each candidate carries and more about finding the perfect person for the job.”

    A New Era Of Hiring

    As the oil and gas industry grows and as we look for new, more cost-effective solutions for hiring, the Boomerswork matchmaking solution makes sense. Not only are people selected and matched online, and not only are they experienced and seasoned in their area of expertise, but it’s much more cost effective than full-time employees with all the benefits, taxes, and payments. All Boomers are fans of Bob Dylan and he had it so right when he sang, “The times they are a changing.”

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