Human Resources Featured Stories:

    • Levert Group – Their Product is People. The Right People.

      by Trisha Lavigne

      Gmail.com: Save time. Save money. Save resources. Having heard that before, it applies to many products and services that promote efficiency to some degree. There is also an efficiency to be found when hiring and finding employment. Many companies are struggling to fill positions in today’s labour market, while trying to stay competitive in the […]

    • Looking For Your Match?

      by Tina Olivero

      As the baby boomers reach the age of retirement, the idea of doing so just doesn’t seem to fit for most. It’s premature, it’s kind of old-fashioned, and it’s a gaping hole with the question “what next?” in it. The truth is, most people who retire after a great career hate it. According to Statistics […]

    • Top Ten Ways to Hire the Right People on LinkedIn

      by Robin Grant

      First of all, it’s important you’re clear on who the right people are. Steve Jobs famously said, “If the top 50 people are right, it just cascades down throughout the whole organization.” So hiring the best people– starting from the top– is step one to attracting and keeping the right people over the long term. […]

    • Women in Trades – What is a Woman’s Job?

      by Karen Walsh

      In Newfoundland & Labrador women have broken down the barriers as to what is traditional and non-traditional work for women and they are forging into jobs that are leading them to great careers, financial security and opening doors for successful futures. In the progression from the Hibernia days to the current Hebron project, women are […]

    • On The Hunt For Talent

      Venor Search Group Exposé

      Venor Search Group Expands Into Newfoundland The human resource forecast for 2020 predicts a massive 70,000 vacant positions. That’s a paramount growth explosion which we have never seen in this region. This growth will lead to significant challenges for labour supply, specifically in the oil and gas and energy sectors. Companies working in the energy industry will need to focus on their […]

    • Kids Talk Energy

      by Tina Olivero

      Jada Santuccione Age: 11 We get oil from drilling underground and it’s important because oil is a type of fuel that we get energy from. The type of job I would like to have in the oil industry is the person who organizes the money. Ben Olivero Age: 11 Oil is a petroleum based liquid […]


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