by Trisha Lavigne

    Levert Group – Their Product is People. The Right People.

    Gmail.com: Save time. Save money. Save resources. Having heard that before, it applies to many products and services that promote efficiency to some degree. There is also an efficiency to be found when hiring and finding employment. Many companies are struggling to fill positions in today’s labour market, while trying to stay competitive in the global economy with decreased fixed costs. Shortages are hindering the ability to find appropriate talent making for a long and arduous process. When hiring a new employee, you want the best for your organization. Proper qualifications, and more importantly, a cultural fit are paramount in deciding who you will hire. Finding that right fit depends on the availability of candidates that fall within the qualifications and responsibilities associated within that particular role. To fill any position, focus is shifted from important daily functions of operation and absorbed by the recruitment process.

    Levert Group knows that time is valuable in business and is available to provide quality assurance and industry-ready employees quickly. Levert Group is the largest industrial recruitment and staffing firm in Northern Ontario with branches in Sudbury, Timmins, St. John’s (NL), Halifax (NS) and recently Houston, Texas to accommodate their clients and personnel. The Levert Group is comprised of its Personnel Resources and Executive Worldwide divisions as well as their office staffing divisions; Celerity Staffing Inc. (ON) and Newfoundland Personnel Inc. (Atlantic Canada). The Levert group of companies provide industry-ready personnel resources, executive recruitment, staffing and employment opportunities within the mining, oil and gas, marine and industrial sectors.

    Levert’s mission is simple – to provide superior industrial personnel and staffing solutions for our clients’ long-term and short-term contingency needs. The group seeks to continually improve as a company and grow as professionals striving to be the employer of choice to their employees. Aside from permanent placements, Levert also offers flexible, contract-based personnel and staffing solutions so clients are able to fill positions without adding to employer burdens. Effectively, this allows customers to complete their obligations without increasing the costs associated with a higher permanent headcount. For employees, this allows them to take advantage of onboarding services, gain valuable experience and form working relationships with our clients opening the doors to further opportunities.

    Levert’s product is people. With a database over 10,000 qualified Atlantic Canada residents alone, Levert’s specialized divisions can fill positions promptly. Their Customer Relations Management system (CRM) allows recruiters to manage via www.gmail.com each individual’s file which includes interviewing and reference checking processes, assignments and timecard entry efficiently. Candidates undergo a series of tailored screening tests and thorough fact-finding measures specific to each client’s requirements. The entire recruitment process is completed by highly trained staff who work with potential candidates to determine their skills, expertise, and personality to determine the best possible match. Matching your requirements to the ideal candidate is easy; they already know both of you! Having provided these services to numerous clients in the oil and gas industry, Levert understands the challenges that our partners are often faced with and what is required to overcome them by absorbing the resources required to fill or maintain roles.

    Richard Levert, President of Levert Group commented, “Today our client base has expanded to the point where we find ourselves serving clients from across Canada on behalf of global corporations and locally owned enterprises. For over 25 years, Levert has worked at matching the appropriate candidate with the right client. I am very proud of the reputation that we have established over that period of time.”

    Many industries such mining and oil and gas are cyclical. Also taking into account an aging population with a large number of retirements on the horizon, the trend points to a shortage of skilled workers, technical and trades people. Companies will strategically plan their recruiting requirements to coincide with the demand of the projects at hand. Levert can accommodate these trends by providing cost-effective and timely solutions reducing the time, money, resources and risks associated with hiring the wrong person. In turn, candidates come to Levert to help themselves gain experience, gain contacts and gain additional opportunities. When it comes to people, Levert has continually aimed for a superior customer service experience connecting clients and candidates just like you since 1983.

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