Health & Wellness Featured Stories:

    • Mindmatters

      by Tina Olivero

      The Cost of Mental Illness Unhealthy employees continue to cost employers billions of dollars each year. The Conference Board of Canada (Conferenceboard.ca) recently estimated that “absenteeism now costs the Canadian economy almost $17 billion a year.” Mental Wellness is proportionate to productivity – it’s just that simple. The most common mental conditions afflicting the workers […]

    • Raw & Real

      by Tina Olivero

      If you’re going to stay healthy in this day and age, then it requires you to take on life in a whole new way—a way that is raw and real. Matters of health, mind, body, and spirit all require it. When it comes to what we eat, going raw and real has taken the world […]

    • Going Bald?

      by Linita E. Mathew

      A man of today possesses many qualities to succeed in life: intelligence, drive, ambition, and dedication. Even though the men of today work hard to keep a good head on their shoulders, the heads of these men have one thing in common: a greater risk of developing male pattern baldness at a younger age. The average […]

    • It’s All About The BUZZ

      by Tina Pomroy

      James sat at his desk in an afternoon haze and yawned. He had been working on a spreadsheet since noon and needed a fast boost if he was going to make his 5:00 p.m. deadline. He scooted to the kitchen and grabbed an energy drink from the stocked fridge. Anticipating a high, he started drinking […]

    • Dry Eye

      by Jamie Bhamra

      These tips help manage your ocular surface by changing your environment and naturally lubricating your eyes. They are easy and if practiced regularly highly effective. She glares intently into the light shining before her.  Her eyes pulling, twitching, yet she dare not turn away.  She stares on. A dull pain again sets in, her vision begins to cloud over, but […]

    • Balance – Preventing Creeping Obesity

      by Elaine Huba

      As busy professionals, we don’t have much time to ourselves. Meetings, clients, deadlines, and social events leave us running from one commitment to the next, from early morning to  late evening. We want to eat healthy and always have that idea in the back of our minds; however, time demands and priorities leave us lacking the wherewithal […]