by Tina Olivero

    Furever Young: Senior Animal Rescue

    I’ll never forget the day I met Kelsey. She strolled into one of my leadership training programs full of discontent about life and the human condition. It wasn’t long into that transformational event that we discovered Kelsey’s burning passion. With a heart the size of Newfoundland, Kelsey wanted to save and support seniors. Not people but dogs. Amazing!

    As a police officer, Kelsey had to juggle two commitments. Creating a non-profit that would help animals in their senior years and her chosen career. No easy task. It took some years of foresight, leadership, planning and executing but finally, things merged and came to fruition. Today, FurEver Young and Kelsey’s career are both thriving. Now that’s leadership!

    FurEver Young is a Senior’s Animal Rescue located in St.John’s, Newfoundland. The mission began when Kelsey realized how important it was to take care of our dogs in their senior years. Having adopted Daisy, her Golden Retriever at age 7, Kelsey knew that everyone, no matter the age, needs a good home.

    The mission of FurEver young is to rescue, adopt, re-home dogs and cats of animals over the age of 12 years. It takes a tribe to make FurEver Young succeed: Everything from public awareness (for all you bloggers, volunteering for dog care, walks and feedings, and donations for vet bills and food. Would you like to help?

    Senior dogs want to be loved, nurtured, taken care of and have a good home to live in. They want to give love, play and protect. Would you like to adopt one?

    FurEver Young, is a heart-felt noble cause and has been the greatest self-expression of Kelsey’s life. Today the organization is in full swing!

    You can get the word out there, share this story, write a blog, adopt a senior dog, volunteer or donate right here: www.FureverYoungRescue.org

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