by Tina Olivero

    THE OGM SAFETY AWARDS 2017: Nominate your company!

    The OGM is extremely proud to highlight top safety performance by energy companies around the globe. We are profiling and recognizing those companies and organizations that clearly demonstrate a conscious and concerned commitment to SAFETY. We understand that it is the single most important factor regarding energy operations and procedures. We want everyone to come home safely and with the right mindset and infrastructure, we are clear that this is possible.

    We want our readership to be the best in safety and learn from the best in safety. The goal of these awards is to recognize those who are doing it right and most importantly share best practices, processes, procedures and successes as they are critical to the safety outcomes of our future.

    Every morning, millions of people go to work in the energy industry around the globe. These people are responsible for providing a high-quality life for all of us and for providing energy to the world. After all, energy is the number one essential commodity on the planet.  It is our fundamental responsibility to create a safe environment for those workers. Our goal as an energy industry is to make sure that workers come home safely to their families every evening. Your friends, loved ones, and colleagues are of paramount importance to us!

    We want to highlight best practices where we see companies providing training, mentorship, and counsel for all employees. The energy industry’s safety record shows that progress is being made around the world.  Safety performance continues to improve and incidences are declining. That’s good news. But we don’t stop there.  A continuous state of improvement with a commitment to zero-incidence is the goal.  Are you with us?

    Award Selection Criteria

    We select companies based on The OGM selection criteria which show exemplary performance and attention to safety culture and results. Awards are subject to selection committee criteria.

    Criteria include:
    1. Safety record
    2. Safety culture
    3. Safety commitment
    4. Safety innovation
    5. Safety results

    To qualify for this award, please include these criteria with your submission.

    Chosen winners of this award will be profiled in a special safety award supplement that will be published in the fall edition, of The OGM.

    Submission deadline: September 30, 2017

    You may nominate your company or another company that you feel provides exemplary safety initiatives.

    Please submit safety submissions to:

    safety awards


    Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero

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