by Tina Olivero

    CAVU International & PT Samson Tiara Join Forces for Safety Excellence in Indonesia

    A Strategic Partnership for Safety Advancement

    In a significant move towards enhancing safety practices in Indonesia, CAVU International and PT Samson Tiara have forged a strategic partnership. This alliance marks a crucial step towards safety excellence, with a recent win of a contract from ExxonMobil Cepu Limited (EMCL) Indonesia.

    Expertise Unleashed – Specialized Coaching and Workshops

    Bringing their collective expertise to the forefront, CAVU and PT Samson Tiara will offer specialized coaching, workshops, and support. The focus will be on elevating safety leadership practices, with an emphasis on implementing ExxonMobil’s specialized safety system methodology. This partnership aims to set new standards for safety within ExxonMobil Indonesia and its network of contractor partners.

    Localized Excellence – Navigating Indonesia’s Regulatory Landscape

    CAVU, a global leader in safety leadership coaching, understands the importance of seamless compliance with local content requirements. The partnership with PT Samson Tiara ensures a tailored approach, connecting local trainers and experts with customers. This strategic move aligns with CAVU’s growth strategy in the dynamic market of Indonesia.

    Proud Partnerships – CAVU and PT Samson Tiara’s Commitment to Safety

    Both CAVU and PT Samson Tiara share a commitment to safety excellence and continuous improvement. As proud partners of RelyOn Nutec, these organizations have been at the forefront of safety and survival training in Indonesia. The collaboration solidifies their joint dedication to advancing safety standards.

    Key Players’ Perspective – Insights from Industry Leaders

    David Hazell, Senior Vice President of Business Development at CAVU International, expresses gratitude for being chosen as the preferred partner. The initiative, in collaboration with PT Samson Tiara and ExxonMobil Indonesia, aligns seamlessly with CAVU’s dedication to safety excellence. The partnership signifies an exciting alliance of skills and propels CAVU’s expansion in Southeast Asia.

    David Hazell, Senior Vice President of Business Development at CAVU International

    Jim Truesdel, President Director of PT Samson Tiara, echoes the excitement, emphasizing immense pride in being part of this safety journey. The partnership reflects a shared passion for safety, and the collective impact is expected to usher in a significant change in leadership training quality within the country.

    Beyond the Project – Future Prospects of the Partnership

    While this partnership begins with the ExxonMobil Indonesia wells team, both CAVU and PT Samson Tiara express their anticipation of extending this collaboration beyond the initial project. The shared vision for safety excellence fuels the enthusiasm for future projects that will contribute to a safer and more productive work environment.

    For more information about CAVU International and PT Samson Tiara, please visit www.cavu-intl.com or www.samson-tiara.co.id

    Tina Olivero

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