by Tina Olivero

    Water Treatment For Offshore Modules


    H2Oil & Gas was formed in 2006 to provide specialized offshore water treatment technologies and services to the Oil and Gas industry, focusing on sulphate removal technology, seawater reverse osmosis and processes associated with water injection for enhanced oil recovery, H2Oil & Gas is unique in this sector in that it provides specialist technical input at project inception through equipment specification, selection and supply, commissioning and long-term plant operation support (healthcare).

    H2Oil & Gas, an Aquarion Group company, has completed a contract to design and supply equipment for a produced water treatment plant in Malaysia.

    The high pressure (117 bar) system reduces the oil in water content from 3000ppm down to <20ppm with an optimized process design that uses the existing gas in the system, eliminating the use of additional fuel gas used on standard Compact Flotation Units. This design, together with a carefully developed layout, produced a low weight compact skid for use on an offshore module that was at a critical weight limit.

    H2Oil & Gas sourced a local fabrication company in Malaysia, familiar with all in-country standards and practices, to ensure these were met the first time. This approach resulted in the package being delivered to the client’s yard much earlier than scheduled.

    Scott Barrie, Managing Director of H2Oil & Gas, stated, “We are delighted that all savings from the optimized design and layout of this package were passed on to the client, and I am proud of our team’s hard work to ensure an early delivery and a high-quality competitive solution.”

    Water Treatment

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