Gadget Guide Featured Stories:

    • Gadget Guide [Future Collection]

      by Moona Khan

      1. Bluesmart – “The world’s first smart, connected luggage.” Bluesmart is the world’s first smart connected piece of luggage. It was created by a group of tech savvy friends who love to travel but experienced the same issues with luggage while globetrotting. Named as the “Top Innovative Product and Service of 2014” by Forbes Magazine, the […]

    • Gadget Guide [Notable Collection]

      by Moona Khan

      Metador Whether you live in sunny LA or rainy Vancouver, Metador is a product anyone, in any city, can find useful. Available in two sizes, Metador is a foldable blanket that can be carried in your pocket, purse, and backpack. Designed to be ultra-compact and with integrated storage, the easy pack pattern allows for easy […]

    • Gadget Guide [Notable Collection]

      by Moona Khan

      Remee Meet Remee, the world’s first relaxing lucid dreaming sleep mask. Using low profile electronics, Remee is designed to amplify the occurrence of your lucid dreams using customized light patterns. The frequency of lucid dreams is increased by the dream signal playing during the longer and deeper periods of REM sleep allowing users to consciously […]

    • The Beard is Back

      by Tom Smith

      From the faux-rustic urban lumberjack seeking to add a little manliness to his metrosexual life, to the young professional seeking an air of maturity in boardroom meetings, the beard is back. And the options are more numerous than ever. So let your manes grow free, men. Just remember: there’s only one cardinal sin in facial […]

    • Gadget Guide [Top-Shelf Collection]

      by Moona Khan

      Nymi Bionym is a spinoff of the University of Toronto and was co-founded by CEO Karl Martin. Bionym’s first product, the Nymi, is a wristband designed to authenticate a user’s identity through electrocardiogram (ECG). Using a user’s ECG along with other elements, the multi-faceted security system is designed to make identity simple and allows a […]

    • Gadget Guide [Avant-Garde Collection]

      by Moona Khan

      Oculus Rift (Above) Designed specifically for video games, the Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset with an extremely wide view field. With ultra-low head tracking, the headset supplies an immersive experience which allows gamers to step into their favorite games. Currently the headset is only supported by a PC platform and is available at […]

    • How to Build a Pirate Ship

      by Suzanne K. Boyd

      “Build it and they will come” was the unofficial mantra of Calgary Opera as they embarked on uncharted territory—Canada’s very first outdoor summer opera festival. Noah had the Ark; Roosevelt, the Panama Canal; and Shoeless Joe, the baseball field. For this first-ever summer festival, Calgary Opera had a pirate ship! It was a risk: a […]

    • Gadget Guide [Creative Collection]

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Transporter (Above) With Transporter, you can sync, access, protect, and share all your files on your personal cloud with no monthly fees. www.filetransporter.com Netatmo Weather Station Improve your wellness and plan your activities. This made-for-iPhone weather station monitors air quality and weather, providing real-time notifications. www.netatmo.com Smartbot Transform your smartphone into a programmable robot to maximize your […]

    • Gadget Guide [Fresh Collection]

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Sound Band (Above) Speakerless and wireless headset captures sound waves that only you can hear. Stay connected to the world around you without offending others. Discrete design with wide assortment of colors, Android and Apple app-friendly. ($200) www.soundband.com Poppy Turn your iPhone into a 3D camera for a small price and a big payoff. With Poppy, […]

    • Gadget Guide [Epic Collection]

      by Sean Mallany

      Project Glass (Above) Google’s Project Glass is truly a product that makes you feel like the future has arrived: it’s a pair of glasses that connects wirelessly with your smartphone to act as a wearable computer. The glasses display information such as text messages, images, or web searches, and they enable a wearer to take […]