by Tom Smith

    The Beard is Back

    From the faux-rustic urban lumberjack seeking to add a little manliness to his metrosexual life, to the young professional seeking an air of maturity in boardroom meetings, the beard is back. And the options are more numerous than ever. So let your manes grow free, men. Just remember: there’s only one cardinal sin in facial hair. Don’t let it get scraggly. Whatever your style, keep it tight, trimmed, and controlled so you don’t go from sexy to sloppy –from manly to lazy. Now let’s take a look at some different styles that might be right for you.

    The Enthusiast

    The Classic Full Beard

    This is the beard your weird uncle had. But fear not! Avoiding the scraggly avuncular look is deceptively easy. Just balance it out with a sharp, clean, and conservative haircut. You’ll look masculine, yet under control.



    This low-risk entry-level staple can be cultivated quickly and personalized. Works with or without a patch, and enables moustaches on faces that might otherwise look silly. Generally best kept trimmed quite short to avoid the 70’s soft rock bass player vibe.

    The Enthusiast

    Dropdown Handlebar

    The advent of irony as a legitimate fashion movement has unlocked styles previously reserved for long-haul truckers and big game hunters. This kooky transitional look is perfect for a Saturday night party, during a weekend where you’re going from fully bearded to clean-shaven. Just be sure to lop it off come Monday morning, boys.

    The Enthusiast


    From 5 o’clock shadow to Sunday shag, scruff is an unparalleled all-star that every man should take advantage of from time to time. It brings out the easygoing side of masculinity, making it particularly powerful when juxtaposed with crisp, fitted formal wear.

    The Enthusiast


    A bold proclamation of one’s love of malt liquor, Mötorhead albums, and nights spent alone on a dirty mattress on the floor. There is, however, a certain husky type of man who can pull off a Wolverine look with a nice set of muttonchops. Use at your own risk!

    The Enthusiast

    Soul Patch

    Tough – though possible – to properly rock on its own, the patch is easier combined with other facial hair to add a laid-back, whimsical sexiness. If you do go it alone, just be careful not to combine it with any other risky accessories, like a distinctive hat or an unusual style of glasses frame.

    The Enthusiast

    The Enthusiast

    Artisanal beards are a thing, complete with competitions, special waxes and all. We’re not telling you to get one of these crazy things, but let’s all tip our hats to the bold pioneers who sport them, innovating in the beard space and ensuring the continued liberty of the hirsute everywhere.

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