by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

    Gadget Guide [Fresh Collection]

    Sound Band (Above)

    Speakerless and wireless headset captures sound waves that only you can hear. Stay connected to the world around you without offending others. Discrete design with wide assortment of colors, Android and Apple app-friendly. ($200) www.soundband.com



    Turn your iPhone into a 3D camera for a small price and a big payoff. With Poppy, simple optics technology opens up a world of sensation, letting you share your video recordings with your friends. ($70) www.poppy3d.com



    Let the Range thermometer alert your iOS app when it reaches the perfect temperature. A magnetic device that clips on or sticks to surfaces, allowing you to multi-task without the risk of missing the preset limit. ($59) www.supermechanical.com



    Safety from brilliance. Interactive blinking LED and GPS system within the bike handlebars, makes cycling anytime, anywhere, safer than ever! Bluetooth 4.0 and app-friendly for custom options. ($200) www.ridehelios.com



    This motion detection vibrating pen allows you to “paint the air” onto a remote surface with visible results. The sensor delivers a resolution of approximately 400 dpi at 200Hz, while the handwriting recognition engine requires only 100 dpi at 50Hz and vibrates when the word is misspelled. ($150-200) www.lernstift.com

    change it

    Change It

    Change your wall color without paint to any mood or theme. A large wall of assorted turn-triangles that allow you to customize your entire wall of prisms into a new masterpiece as often as you dream. amirko.wix.com/home#!__changeit



    Indulge in your favorite wine without removing the cork. Allows you to nurture the airtight environment without losing the integrity of your beverage, one … glass … at a time. ($299) www.coravin.com



    Discrete and versatile, this sleek search-and-find device and app helps you find lost items. Share your code with others and increase your search party. ($20) www.thetileapp.com



    Parent while you sleep with Sikker’s (means “Safety” in Danish) wrist monitors. Monitor your baby’s temp and send tunes remotely to soothe and comfort without getting out of bed. www.yankodesign.com/2010/03/19/sikker/



    Designed by gamers to entice you to work out—a lot! A color touch screen with built-in apps makes this pedometer attractive and customizes it to your different levels of activities. Your movements transition into competitive challenges with fun rewards. ($100) www.striiv.com/products/striiv/

    Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

    Angerman’s background is in communications and marketing. She holds a bachelor’s degree with an English focus and a myriad of publishing credits under her belt, including, SEASON OF HAZE, a young adult novel on hazing. She's operated her own professional writing company for more than a decade.rnrnCurrently, she is the key features writer and editorial administrator for The OGM. rnrnPrior, she invested several years selling exempt market securities for two Calgary-based oil and gas juniors before joining forces as a founder of Dragonfly and Aeviex Inc., two Alberta startups.rnrnA resident of Calgary for more than two and a half decades, her insights and networks in Cow Town is vast and growing.

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