by Danielle Larmon

    Gadget Guide [Notable Collection]

    Apple Watch – Innovation in Every Interaction

    Designed with new ways to select, navigate, and input, the Apple Watch aims to be as intuitive in its interaction as with an iPhone or a Mac. On a regular watch, the winding crown on the side is used to set time and date. The Apple Watch uses a Digital Crown and, by turning it, you are able to zoom in and out, scroll through lists, and input data. Pushing it returns to the home screen. The display is energy efficient, and is able to distinguish a tap from a hard press – both controls bring up different options. The Taptic Engine taps you on the wrist when you receive an alert or notification, and there are three different models available in the Apple Watch, Watch Sport, or Watch Edition.

    Apple Watch can be purchased at www.apple.com/watch/

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