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    • Gadget Guide (Must Haves)

      by Sean Mallany

      Zeal HD Camera Goggles (Above) – $399 USD Sometimes words just are not enough when you want to describe how you shredded the mountain last weekend with your friends. Show off your snowy adventures with the Zeal HD Camera Goggles that record your ride with an integrated camera that takes up to 1080p quality video. Available from […]

    • ARGO F*** Yourself

      by Samantha Martin

      Based on a true story, ARGO is a movie about a movie – and a whole lot more. Set in Iran during the 1979 hostage crisis, this CIA ­socio-political drama represents a time of foreign oil dependency, political unrest, and social upheaval. It is a true story, revealing man’s best nature in a time when […]

    • Gifts & Gadgets

      by Liane Angerman, Associate Editor

      Zik Headphones By Parrot (above) – $400 Reknown French designer Phillipe Starck synergized his ideas with Parrot to produce the wireless Zik headphones. With soft-touch controls, sleek sensual shaping, these headphones become an extension of the listener’s body, resulting in the most pleasurable listening experience imaginable. Beoplay A9 Speakers – $2699 Bang & Olufsen, inspired by aesthetics, […]

    • The Art of Sustainability

      by Aaryn Lambert

      Sustainability is about designing our society so it can last over time We as OG industry people understand all too well the importance of sustainable right action. We work in the energy sector every day and we understand fully the need to have nonrenewable resources transformed into renewable sustainable solutions. We understand the importance of […]

    • Capturing Essence

      by Aaryn Lambert

      No longer are the corporate mug shots the standard of the business-world day. Images that we use for our business cards, brochures, corporate profiles and social media solutions require a whole new standard. We are in times of creative expression, and portraying the people we live and work with in new and unique ways is […]

    • The Artists Corner

      by Samantha Martin

      Featuring the artwork of Keli-Ann Pye-Beshara If these structures could talk… The history of a city, the energy within a structure, the deep colours of a landscape’s mood often can’t be expressed by the written word or even by a photograph, but rather find their voice in the portrayal of an artist’s thoughts. Dynamic Newfoundland […]

    • The Big Scene on The Big Screen ..Is You!

      by Tina Olivero

      The visionary dream of the AbbyShot team, is to bring big-screen euphoria to real life. At the helm of AbbyShot, Bonnie Cook says, “We sell people the experience of being larger than life, a powerful character and something extraordinary! Truthfully, I believe we all have the ability to be powerful and extraordinary, so we just […]