by Moona Khan

    Gadget Guide [Future Collection]

    1. Bluesmart – “The world’s first smart, connected luggage.”

    Bluesmart is the world’s first smart connected piece of luggage. It was created by a group of tech savvy friends who love to travel but experienced the same issues with luggage while globetrotting. Named as the “Top Innovative Product and Service of 2014” by Forbes Magazine, the suitcase features a digital lock, battery charger, location tracking and built in scale to name a few features. Bluesmart is powered by 3G-connectivity and users can track their bag from any location in the world! The suitcase will lock automatically when the owner is not in the vicinity and the built-in battery charger allows for re-charging of a smartphone up to six times. Bluesmart can be pre-ordered at http://bluesmart.com/.

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