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    • Cyber Security – Looking to the Future

      by Rosemary Rodriguez-Mazor

      CyberSecurity threats continue to grow at a very rapid rate according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Industrial targets in 2015 continued to increase and are up more than 25 percent since 2011. The latest reports state that out of the 40 percent of incidents reported, they did not know how hackers intruded the […]

    • TechRev Innovator Award Winner – Packers Plus

      by Danielle Larmon

      The TechRev Innovators list, sponsored by Innovate Calgary, recognizes technology innovators across a wide range of industries for outstanding technologies, applications, and stories. This year marks the awards in its sixth incarnation. The nomination deadline is on August 24, and the TechRev Innovators 2015 event will be held on October 7. The criteria for the […]

    • The Art Of Endurance

      by Tina Olivero

      With the last decade being a heyday for oil prices, the energy industry has enjoyed a steady growth model without much challenge or restriction. Unprecedented growth happened globally and energy centres thrived. Then, the price of oil plummeted. Supply is up and demand is down, and we are not sure that it’s going to change […]

    • Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies in Oil and Gas

      by Danielle Larmon

      On March 10, 2015, Deloitte announced its list of 2014 winners for the Best Managed Companies awards program. Established in 1993, the program symbolizes corporate success by celebrating Canadian companies that are focused on their core vision, creating stakeholder value, operating at peak performance levels, and excelling in the economy both at home and abroad. […]

    • A Wireless World

      by Gina Hartmann

      It’s easy to imagine: you’re far away from any outlet, and your phone is beeping, demanding to be recharged. The ten percent power bar is flashing in your face, creating a slight panic in your impeding phone-less future. What if you didn’t have to find an outlet? What if your phone could recharge without wires? […]

    • Elon Musk – Changing the Face of Energy

      by Danielle Larmon

      It’s hard to think of Elon Musk and not be awed by possibility. The Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Motors is a modern innovator worthy of the company’s namesake. Musk is the visionary behind the possible colonization of Mars, the driving force behind Tesla Motors’ electric cars, the bright mind behind the Powerwall/Powerpack household/commercial batteries […]

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