by Tina Olivero

    Paradigm Group celebrates a series of “World Firsts” at Offshore Europe 2019.

    Paradigm Group are celebrating their 10 Year anniversary in business this week at Offshore Europe 2019. Since its inception in September 2009, the Dutch-based company has established four stand-alone companies in the group, all with the remit to develop and commercialize innovative upstream oil and gas technology products and services. The now-global group has bases in The Netherlands, UK, Houston, Dubai and Mexico.

    The Group, known for its pioneering technology and services in the drilling, well intervention and flow remediation sectors, is celebrating and showcasing some of its key products this week both at the exhibition and at their base in Inverurie, Aberdeen.

    Julian Manning, Paradigm Group’s CEO said; “Paradigm Group’s success comes from our ability to offer the industry many unique technologies that are setting ‘World-firsts’ for our customers.

    Some of these ‘World-firsts’ include Paradigms Flexi-Coil system; The World’s only miniaturized coiled tubing pipeline blockage removing system, Slick-E-Line; a global leading digital slickline system, The E-Winch Range; The Worlds most advanced wireline intervention winches with guaranteed zero line breakage and Dry-Flo; the World’s only dry deluge system that quantifies and accurately simulates testing in virtual liters allowing deluge system performance to be trended without the requirement of wet testing.

    He continues, “I am extremely proud to represent such a smart group of people who are continuously looking to innovate and solve industry challenges. Our Companies are working on emerging technologies that will come to market shortly, covering Drilling, Well Intervention and Production services. We understand market demands and the pressures for operators to keep costs to a minimum, which is why we focus on persuasive technology implementation. We strive to continuously evolve and develop our offering to drive change and give our clients what they need, when often they are not aware our technologies exist. Offshore Europe provides an ideal platform to celebrate a decade in business and showcase our unique capabilities to existing and new customers.”

    About Paradigm Group

    Paradigm Group was established in Groot-Ammers, The Netherlands, in 2009, to develop & commercialize new technologies & innovations for the upstream Oil & Gas Industry. With a broad width of market participation, Paradigm Group consists of four companies:

    • Paradigm Drilling Services
    • Paradigm Flow Services Ltd
    • Paradigm Intervention Technologies
    • Paradigm Technology Services

    Each of the operating companies is a stand-alone unit with unique technologies supported by very strong Intellectual Property positions. Even in this very challenging business climate, an aggressive R&D effort continues and including joint development partnerships with major oil and gas operators.

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