Marine & Offshore Featured Stories:

    • Gulf Coast – Leaders in Offshore Protocol and Safety

      by Moona Khan

      Emerging technologies are enhancing exploration of the waters off the Gulf Coast with safety as a priority. As technologies advance, oil companies continue to develop and refine the drilling and production methods to coincide with the available and ever-evolving discoveries of new plays and increased production of mature ones. Today, offshore oil production and efficiencies […]

    • Spotlight On: Northern Transportation Company Limited

      by Tina Olivero

      Northern Transportation Company Limited (NTCL) is 100 percent owned by NorTerra Inc. NorTerra Inc., in turn, is a 100 percent Inuit-owned company, whereby ownership is equaled by the Inuvialuit Development Corporation of the Western Arctic and Nunasi Corporation, representing the Inuit of Nunavut. NTCL is the founding member of the NorTerra Inc. group of companies […]

    • C-MAR’s New Location: Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

      by Melanie Bickford

      Mair has a very interesting history. Early in his career, he started out working at sea on supply and ­diving support vessels, ­eventually ­becoming a captain. While living and working in the U.K., Mair was introduced to the C-MAR Group, and was hired as an ­employee with the company. When it came time to move […]

    • Harbourside Engineering Consultants Expands into St. John’s

      by Tina Olivero

      Definition: Innovation – Innovation Is The Process Of Translating An Idea, Invention, Service, And Value Proposition Into Existence. Innovation reflects imagination, resourcefulness, creativity, and vision to create new and often never-seen-before solutions. The qualities of an innovator include being pioneering, inventive, ­persuasive, persistent, progressive, and solution oriented. At Harbourside Engineering Consultants, innovation is not just a […]

    • Journey to Hebron – Opportunities Abound

      by Tina Pomroy

      Canada’s greatest offshore oil assets lie 350 kilometers off its coast. It’s Newfoundland, it’s rugged, it’s powerful, and it’s where thousands of oil and gas people live as their second home. The Jeanne d’Arc Basin of the Atlantic Ocean is a playground for ­sea­faring pioneers and ­courageous aviators. It houses one of the world’s largest […]

    • The Sleeping Giant Wakes

      by Aaryn Lambert

      VinKing Marine Enterprises Inc. is a name that often draws a double take. For anyone in marine transport and ­marine ­industries in general, the company warrants a ­second look. In particular, VinKing’s colorful and ­imposing CEO, Dan Villeneuve, brings a personal and business history that, as often as not, turns a fifteen-minute ­introductory meeting into […]

    • Eimskip – Strengthening Transatlantic Trade

      by Sean Mallany

      In his most recent State of the Union ­address, President Barack Obama called for the creation of a “transatlantic trade and ­investment partnership” between the United States and the ­European Union. This partnership would reduce trade barriers and promote free trade between Europe and America. How does Eimskip contribute to trade across the Atlantic? Eimskip […]

    • Rutter Donation – Strengthens Simulation Training at Marine Institute

      by Naomi Osborne

      (Above: Rutters Ice Radar on the Ships Bridge Simulator: [Pictured l-r] Fraser Edison, chief executive officer and president of Rutter; Brian Johnston, sales manager Americas, Rutter; and Captain Chris Hearn, director, Centre for Marine Simulation) At the Fisheries and Marine Institute of ­Memorial University’s Centre for ­Marine ­Simulation (CMS), students and industry ­clients now have access […]

    • Hebron

      by Rick Tiller

      The Next Great Opportunity For Consulting Engineers Rick Tiller, president and CEO of St. John’s, Newfoundland-based, Tiller Engineering Inc., has proudly been involved in Newfoundland and Labrador’s oil and gas sector since its ­inception and has seen the opportunities for consulting ­engineers evolve over the years. “The nature of the opportunities has changed as the […]

    • Journey to Hebron

      by Tina Pomroy

      350 kilometers off this coast lies Canada’s greatest offshore oil assets. It’s Newfoundland, it’s rugged, it’s powerful and it’s where thousands of oil and gas people live as their second home. The Jeanne d’Arc Basin of the Atlantic Ocean is a playground for ­sea­faring pioneers and ­courageous aviators. It houses one of the world’s largest […]

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