by Tina Olivero

    Trillion Energy Commences SASB 3D Seismic Reprocessing Project

    Jan. 31, 2023

    Trillion Energy International Inc. Trillion is pleased to announce the commencement of its 3D seismic reprocessing project for SASB.

    The existing 3D seismic data covers 223 km2 and includes the SASB block. This old 3D seismic shot by WesternGeco in 2004 is good quality and was processed in 2004 with pre-stack time migration. Since 2004, vast improvements in seismic data processing algorithms have occurred. As SASB has very complex geology, reprocessing with advanced pre-stack depth migration and incorporating time-depth data from wells drilled since the old PSTM model was created will create a superior model.

    Uses of the new PSDM seismic velocity model will include:

    • Obtain a more detailed and accurate mapping of individual gas reservoir units, provide better imaging of the gas trapping faults and superior structural maps;
    • Further, identify and define stratigraphic exploration gas prospects (to which there are many on SASB), but which have never been drilled;
    • Mapping the deeper Cretaceous Akveren Formation “CAF”, which has never been explored, but which contains tantalizing deeper anomalies based on the old PSTM model. Onshore proximate to SASB, there are many oil and gas seeps originating and contained within the Cretaceous sediments. The data reprocessing is scheduled to commence in early March 2023 and is anticipated to take five to six months to complete.

    Arthur Halleran CEO of Trillion stated: “Reprocessing the 3D seismic data using modern cutting-edge technology will increase our understanding of the gas potential at SASB and is the first step to making significant new discoveries. The cost of reprocessing is infinitesimal compared to a new 3D shoot of this size. The reprocessing will allow the mapping of extensions to existing structurally trapped gas pools, discover new gas pools and improve the resolution of the stratigraphic exploration prospects. I am excited about what we will also see in the deeper Cretaceous age formations, where onshore oil and gas seeps have been found 20 to 30 km from SASB.”

    About the Company

    Trillion is an oil and gas-producing company with multiple assets throughout Turkiye and Bulgaria. The Company is 49% owner of the SASB natural gas field, one of the Black Sea’s first and largest-scale natural gas development projects; a 19.6% (except three wells with 9.8%) interest in the Cendere oil field; and in Bulgaria, the Vranino 1-11 block, a prospective unconventional natural gas property.

    More information may be found on www.sedar.com and our website.

    Tina Olivero

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