by Tina Olivero

    BiSN Awarded Key North Sea Contract

    January 26, 2023

    BiSN, a leading supplier of downhole sealing solutions and technology to the global oil and gas industry, announced that it has been awarded a key contract by a major oil and gas operator in the North Sea.

    The contract requires BiSN to use its proprietary Wel-lok™ alloy barrier technology to safely and efficiently plug and abandon oil and gas wells in the North Sea.

    Environmentally friendly, permanent well-barrier & gas-tight seal technology 

    BiSN signed a three-year contract, which features two one-year extensions, to provide this operator with Wel-lok™ alloy plugs for its ongoing offshore UK P&A campaign in the North Sea. The technology is a cost-effective and environmentally-driven solution that provides a permanent well-barrier and gas-tight seal in single and multiple annuli.

    The scope of work includes providing BiSN Wel-lok™ alloy plug barrier technology, which ensures a permanent plugging and abandonment of oil and gas wells so that they are securely and reliably sealed, vastly reducing corporate liability and potential environmental impact. BiSN’s industry-leading alloy plugs are a superior solution compared with conventional technology that uses cement, elastomers, resin, or others as sealing elements that deteriorate over time, particularly in harsh environments.

    “We are pleased and very excited that BiSN has been awarded this major contract. This is another step forward in the execution of our company mission to provide unique barrier solutions that protect the earth’s natural resources”, said Paul Carragher, Founder and CEO of BiSN. “Our strategic objectives, which include providing our novel technology and best-in-class services, focus on working collaboratively with our customers to support and exceed their well-abandonment objectives.”

    “This award recognizes BiSN’s differentiating technology and capabilities to deliver a permanent well barrier in challenging offshore oil and gas wells,” said Mark Nicol, BiSN Regional Business Development Manager – UK, Europe & Africa. “We look forward to collaborating with this operator and all associated stakeholders to successfully complete this project.”

    Successful performance in the North Sea

    BiSN has been actively supporting customers operating in the UK and Norwegian North Sea since 2017.  Its largest-ever operation utilizing Wel-lok™ alloy plug barrier technology in the region featured a 30-well campaign carried out on Valhall field on behalf of AkerBP, which was completed in 2021.  The technology is now used on 30 wells on the Valhall field, providing safer, permanent well plugging.

    About BiSN

    Founded in 2010, BiSN’s unique Performance Barrier Technologies allow operators to solve unwanted downhole flow issues once and for all – sealing across the life of the well with confidence to assure uptime, improve production, extend well life, protect the environment and ultimately abandon safely.

    BiSN provides specialist downhole sealing solutions and services with its patented Wel-lok™ sealing technology to the global oil and gas industry. BiSN supports its customers from its headquarters in Warrington, England, operations facilities in Houston-Texas and Calgary-Alberta, and its growing network of sales and support offices in Aberdeen-Scotland, Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates, and Perth-Western Australia.


    Tina Olivero

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