by Tina Olivero

    ABB launches new I/O series to meet digital demands of oil and gas fields

    July 25, 2023

    The next evolution in smart remote I/O, the ABB XIO series is an extended range of all-in-one devices to monitor, control and manage oil and gas flow applications. The ABB XIO-08, ABB XIO-04 and ABB XIO-00 each operate as an extension to the ABB Remote Module Controller (RMC) family, providing enhanced I/O capacity and increasing overall wellhead operational efficiency.  The series offers up to eight channels for customers to choose the XIO that meets their site needs.

    ABB is a leader in control devices for the remote production and custody transfer of oil and gas. ABB flow computers and RTUs are used to monitor, measure and control many upstream oil and gas applications to ensure safe and efficient operations. The solution enables users to monitor, measure, and control flows from anywhere, anytime.

    This XIO extension means that site configuration requirements can be met whatever the size of the oil or gas field. The need for physical on-site presence is reduced due to the remote control and monitoring of I/O points and serial devices, putting safety first and reducing costs. As well as extending ABB’s RMC capabilities, the XIO is compatible with a wide range of controllers across the market, emphasizing ABB’s commitment to open architecture across all areas of industrial automation.

    Equipment can be added without significant infrastructure modifications, allowing easy expansion of I/O points and connection of serial devices. Up to 22 hot-pluggable I/O modules can be added or replaced without power interruption, minimizing downtime.

    The XIO series offers several connectivity options, new networking features (up to four independent networks are supported), and the possibility to use the XIO’s Wi-Fi as a network or bridge with one of the Ethernet ports. Reliable and efficient data transfer is made easy by connecting the XIO to the RMC over Ethernet. Four ethernet points allow for different network configurations. It also features control and measurement applications for the specific needs of remote locations.

    As a specific integration feature, ABB’s RMC discovers an XIO device on the network and learns its configuration, becoming a consumer of the XIO’s application data without the need to maintain a list of connected devices.

    Increasing digitalization in the oil and gas industry means that reliable connectivity is required for successful operations. Wellheads often must achieve extended connectivity rapidly to meet expansion opportunities. ABB’s XIO provides immediate connectivity expansion, enhancing production and reducing costs associated with traditional equipment upgrades. It integrates islands of automation and enables remote data connection for real-time analytics across the site and enterprise.

    Tina Olivero

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