by Tina Olivero

    Huber: Leading the World in Thermo-Regulation

    Huber is a world’s renowned company that specializes in dealing with thermal regulation technologies. Not only do they produce precision equipment for thermoregulation, but all of their products are specialized to work with fully customizable additions to provide an interactive interface as well.

    Their products include Dynamic Temperature Control Systems with unistats tailored to meet your exact requirements, Chillers (mini chillers, flow-through, multi-chillers etc.), Baths and Circulators (including cooling bath circulators and bridge circulators, among others) and specialized solutions like beer forced aging test thermostats and heat exchangers.

    However, the most important aspect of their work is precision thermal solutions. Since all heat exchangers work on the flow of fluids, they have developed proprietary solutions for measurement and control of temperature with the help of specialized unistats and unichillers. With close to 40 years of experience in the thermal industry, Huber has proven to be one of the leading providers of thermoregulation solutions.

    In the field of research and industrial solutions, it was seen that the need for precise temperature control solutions was a very big challenge back in the 60s. Huber quickly rose to meet this challenge head on. The result is a company that provides precise equipment which can control a range of temperature from -125°C to +425 °C. From pilot plants in leading global firms to production facilities worldwide, Huber has been at the forefront of research and innovation in multiple frontiers.

    The application of the research team in actual industrial scale has been highly successful. Their production of measuring equipment for installation in the temperature control circuits for controlling flow rates are all digitally accessible via multiple interfaces (USB, RS232, LAN and optionally RS485, Profibus). For further control, you can even opt for an integrated/external VPC bypass depending on specific design and model.

    From control of kinetic or dynamic reaction syntheses to control of crystallization processes and scale-up testing, Huber has specific solutions in both flow measurement devices and unistats. Combined with the hew E-grade ‘Explore’ function, it is also possible to inspect the current system capacity for heating/cooling as well as temperature differences, making them ideal for monitoring and optimizing chemical processes.

    About Huber
    Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau was conceptualized by Peter Huber in 1968 as a professional solution to develop and control the temperature in industrial applications. At present, their central production facility in Offenburg employs more than 250 people and caters to a worldwide clientele of diverse industrial applications.


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