by Tina Olivero

THE OGM & TINA OLIVERO – Recognized by Peers For Publishing Legacy & 30+ Years in Energy Industry

It really is one of the greatest feelings in the world to be acknowledged by your peers….which is exactly what happened today at the @EnergyNL breakfast awards. I can’t believe I’ve been in the energy business for 32 years now…it truly has been an honour. And I’m not going anywhere yet, we may have flatlined during Covid19, reduced to zero….but even so, in many regards I feel like I’m just getting started.

The good news is… The OGM is the OFFICIAL magazine for Canada’s top 4 Hydrogen & Renewable conferences this year!!! Boom – how to make a come back.

Bring on the energy – mind, body, spirit, community, industry.. It’s all about energy. Energy to matter, matter to energy…it’s all right here in our hands to create a sustainable new energy future…and the only way we are going to do that is to be ENERGIZED ourselves. Energy is an inside game. You generate energy and the world flows from there.

Way to go to all the people who got awards today because there’s nothing harder than surviving and thriving 30+ years in business in Newfoundland. It takes being a WARRIOR, a super strong conviction…and a willness to take on yourself and all the tough challenges and turn them into opportunities and contributions.
May the next 30 years of energy be even more exciting as we see new eVOL planes in our skies, new AI systems taking care of all the mundane jobs, a globalization of our economies and an entirely new techonolgically advanced society.

I’m so proud to now be an elder. I’ll be 60 this year….and every wrinkle has a story of hardship transformed to grace and contribution to others. In my view…that’s the best we really have.
If you have a legacy story to tell in TheOGM.com I want to hear from you because any company over 30 years old, deserves a world of recognition and I’d love to tell your story.

Over and out!
Tina Olivero

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