by Tina Olivero

    Tina Olivero: The truth about an entrepreneur’s life!

    Don’t make the mistake of thinking that my positivity means I have a glamorous or perfect life. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that my kindness means I’m a push over. I’m not – I am an entrepreneur.

    Entrepreneurs change the future every single day. We make things happen, make things change for the better, constantly improve, have things turn around, make things grow and build in REAL TIME. We have ups and downs. Hires and layoffs. Good times and bad times.  It’s an adventure!

    The OGM Winter 2014

    The OGM celebrates the energy players, cultural differences, diversity in the work-place and equality for all.

    Revenue generation means revenue spending, in our community

    As the founder and publisher of The OGM, I’ve made $millions in my career selling things that people value. It’s that simple.  VALUE sells. And I didn’t generate that revenue and keep it, I built the business in every possible way.  Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it failed.  As a result, we have also spent $millions with suppliers, contractors, supporting the community and in employee salaries.  This means $millions of dollars injected into our economy, paying taxes, supporting livelihoods. For this, I feel extremely proud because one of the great satisfactions of being an entrepreneur means that you are a constant contribution to others.

    The OGM Summer 2015

    The power of endurance can change the world as we know it!

    Hardships shape our character. Overcoming them shapes our destiny!

    Owning a business is not all roses; many times I am alone, misunderstood and not accepted for my optimistic and idealistic views. But I don’t care. I work on my oil and gas magazine a MINIMUM of 16 hours a day. I get up at 5 a.m. most mornings, to start my day.  As a single mom, I ensure my kids are organized and on track and on the bus happy and healthy by 8 am. Then I implement the ideas that I’ve been I thinking about the night before.  I may even wake up from sleep to send an email, get something finished, share a new solution or learn something new. My biggest issue in life is that I can’t get it done fast enough. That’s how you know you are a true entrepreneur.

    students at CNA-Q

    Supporting students at CNA-Q from DOHA, Middle East

    Support people everywhere you can

    Training thousands of people here in Newfoundland, I developed the program Transformational Training. It’s what I did in my “spare time”. On a weekend or an evening, I would bring people together to motivate and inspire others to be who they really are and empower them to succeed in their own lives. The fundamental message being – NOBODY has dominion over your life. No doctor, no teacher, no parents, no society, no education, no culture, no circumstance, no substance, no one, and nothing.   Because of this training, many companies have started up in Newfoundland and Labrador.  Many jobs were gained.  Many changes were made for the better, personally and professionally.  The karma of such a gift has left a wake of goodness in the world.

    The OGM industry party

    We have architected elaborate industry celebrations

    I write, produce and publish content for TheOGM.com that makes a difference in the world. I choose positive over drama, light over dark, possibility of impossibility… every day.  I don’t hate much in the world but I have a disdain for public media used to create sensationalism and drama and feel it should be banned just like smoking in public.  It’s toxic.  For focusing on the world of possibilities before us and facilitating business and our industry “forward” is the course I have chosen. I know that being a contribution today, providing value today, being of service today fulfills all my tomorrows.

    Tina Olivero - The OGM

    Christine Adams is a 20 year Veteran of The OGM – and our model is body painted to creatively represent our commitment to a clean energy, sustainable world!

    I am kind and generous beyond measure. I spend every single day asking myself that important question – How can I help someone today? That doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me or expect me to be that way all the time, it simply means the undercurrent of my motivation is to support others.

    Tina Olivero - The OGM

    We have partnered with hundreds of trade shows around the world as the energy “MEDIA SPONSOR”. That’s been a privilege!

    I can’t work with complainers, negative ninny’s or self-centered people. I prefer working with people who elevate and contribute. Don’t we all? I can’t stand being sucked into the vortex of “no” and here’s why we “can’t”. That’s a conversation I can’t afford the luxury of. Not when time is money. Ultimately I know that whatever you tolerate in life is what you get. Who wants to play in a sandbox of crap and demise?

    The OGM Fall 2014

    Sharing the wisdom of great minds has been a privilege. Richard Branson is a man of wisdom who shares a vision of progress for us all!

    I try, I test, I modify, I create and then I create some more. It’s one massive experiment and I fail often. Who cares? It’s part of the process of learning and I love myself for failing. It means I’m up to something huge!

    Christine Adams and Alexia Williams

    Christine Adams and Alexia Williams of The OGM. Biz Dev guru’s they love the lifestyle of The OGM.

    I don’t need to go on vacation to get away from my life. I don’t need to change who I am to fit in. I don’t need a man in my life to be complete. I am complete doing what I love to do every day. Write, produce, shape minds, educate, inspire, enlighten, elevate the conversations of humanity and literally and figuratively celebrate our ENERGY!

    The OGM June /July 2005

    Our mission over 25 years, has been to facilitate the process of business through project updates and business opportunities!

    ENERGY is the one business sector that intrigues me to no end. It elevates life as we know it and advances us forward. When you think about it, ENERGY is everything. External and internal energy make life work. It’s that simple. Without it, we go nowhere!

    Offshore Safety and Survival Centre

    Adventures of a journalist mean getting in there with the people you write about. Basic Survival Training includes being tipped upside down in a simulated helicopter crash. YES, I did it!

    My life may not look like yours and I hope it doesn’t. Your life should look like whatever it is that makes you want to work 16 hours a day and fulfill your own self-expression. Passion simply means – when you do it, you want to keep doing it, and keep doing it, and keep doing it. And if you can’t find your passion ask those who love you what your strengths are and stop being afraid to fulfill it. Just jump!

    The OGM Spring 2015

    We create the future looking back 5 years from now!

    This year my company Publishing World Inc is 25 years old. That’s an incredible celebration because I got to watch the kids that grew up when their mom’s worked for the OGM. I witnessed team members that grew into new people with experience and contribution. I saw people leave my company with all their experience and go on to other great jobs. I had informative conversations, enlightening publications, really fun parties, worked with incredibly talented people, developed awesome cool designs, enjoyed incredible people stories, made fascinating connections, made endless sales, developed a cool online magazines, attended thousands of trade shows, travelled the world and most of all witnessed ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories.  It all happened here. I feel blessed.

    The OGM Recognition of Excellence

    Our goal for the last 25 years has been to elevate, celebrate, and facilitate our people’s success! That’s what we live for!

    I’m an entrepreneur who is inspired to support the advancement of mankind and build a new energy world and I LOVE IT!  Happy 25 years OGM, thank you to everyone who contributes and makes it happen and thank you for my life.

    The OGM Covers

    The OGM Covers over the years. Just look at how far we have come! Wow!

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