by Tina Olivero

    DIGITALIZATION: Programmatic Power At Work For You!

    Today, the digital world is highly competitive. You have to be smart, digital-savvy and have an excellent local and global reach! The old model of issuing an RFP, posting a job ad, or hoping a client walks in the door, no longer works! Technology is the reason why.


    Programmatic content development is an online automated process of targeting buys. It’s really simple; You create content that supports your business goals by reaching highly targeted and relevant viewers. Real-time algorithm-driven content is pushed to potential buyers, vendors, partners, clients or employees, who have an interest in what you are doing. Programmatic communication dramatically changes the way that marketers select venues for digital advertising placement. Approaches vary depending on the company goals.

    A new way to communicate and connect, around the globe!


    To compete in today’s hyper-competitive online world, you can’t sit back and wait for the right suppliers, employees or clients to show up! You have to adapt and digitize. You need to be able to communicate online in a way that creates an EXPERIENCE for potential clients, vendors, and employees in such a way that they intimately understand the benefits of working with you.

    The solution to attracting key clients, employees and supplies are now accessed through PROGRAMMATIC TECHNOLOGY. In other words, allowing computers to do the work for you by tracking the digital footprint of potential clients, suppliers, and employees, that could be the right match for your company.

    Because of advanced programmatic algorithms, it is now possible to reach local and global markets for a fraction of the cost, giving you more options, lower engagement costs, optimizing your processes and unparalleled global access.

    Through highly strategic content development disseminated online, we paint a picture that reaches people at a much deeper level. We take the time to architect content in new digital ways that serve to attract suppliers, employees, and clients, like never before.

    Through aggregated content, we can reach thousands of online publications around the globe with the push of a button. Never before have we been able to avail of such reach and tap into so many unknown and viable markets! It’s pioneering, and it’s exciting.

    Business is nothing more than a network of conversations. It’s all about communication power, and programmatic algorithms are the way of the future. It gives you unprecedented reach with unprecedented target markets.  A new way to communicate and connect, around the globe!


    With programmatic technology, you can now attract vendors with over 1 million relevant, specific, targetted, viewers around the globe!


    Bring our people back home to work on the greatest projects in Atlantic Canada through superior online communications tools!


    Bring in global experts who will transfer technology to this region!


    Utilize strategic experiential content that converts to a sale! Finally, programmatic solutions provide unique, in-depth insights into your product and services!


    Today it’s easier than ever to do business around the world with like-minded individuals. Where there is an online seller, there is also a buyer. Programmatic algorithms are simply the technology that bridge the two!


    Tina Olivero – The OGM


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