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The Optimization Era – 3 innovations you want to know about…because ultimately technology will save the day

Absolute Combustion Burner Technology

Absolute Combustion

Heat is a “hot” commodity in the oil industry because it is an integral part of the basic requirement of oil extraction and production. So, heating efficiency means saving money and that’s the bottom line. Absolute Combustion International has invented an unimaginable near-flameless burner offering 30% or greater in cost reductions to oil sands operators and major contractors. This flameless burner provides minimal flame impingement and is setting new standards for low Emissions. With an endless list of applications from lowering heating costs to revolutionizing plastic waste, this invention is going to optimize efficiency and make the world a more environmentally friendly place.

Absolute’s heating efficiency means optimization that will not only lower fuel costs, but it will also release fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The company vision includes building powerful burner units capable of heating fracking water or producing steam for SAGD extraction.

Succeeding at becoming one of the world’s leading burner technology innovators that delivers the highest heat transfer efficiency possible with the lowest emissions is truly an optimization success story.

Absolute Combustion has designed, produced and tested a completely revolutionary, near flameless, burner technology that dramatically improves the key performance characteristics of industrial combustion systems overall. This is revolutionary, CEO, Koleya Karringten says, “With the price of oil where it is, the oil industry and the producers of the oil sands deserve more efficient burner solutions and cost saving scenarios – and we have them.”

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