by Aaryn Lambert

    The Optimization Era – 3 innovations you want to know about…because ultimately technology will save the day

    Where there is a breakdown there is a breakthrough, every time.

    With the drastic drop in oil prices and breakdowns occurring in exploration and production the world over, the entire oil and gas industry has been forced to shift into a new realm. This new realm is one of higher efficiency and effectiveness. Optimization is the new buzz word and we are seeing technological advances like we have never experienced before.

    Breakdowns are not a bad thing. In fact most breakdowns dawn the best inventions. Game changing inventions are popping up everywhere, as smart creatives are combatting low oil prices by inventing new solutions that are making oil and gas projects profitable once again – even at $40 – $50 per barrel.

    As a publisher in the oil and gas sector, we are a hub for information, stories and press releases. When people want to get their story told, they find us. Never before have we witnessed this level of creative innovation.

    In this era, we are fortunate enough to work with the innovators, pioneers and visionaries who have forward thinking solutions that are not only going to sustain the energy industry and make it more environmentally friendly, but catapult it into peak performance in unprecedented ways. Most recently, we’ve been working with clients like Absolute Combustion, Ambyint and Technip. Here’s three top innovations that are game changers making a dramatic difference in this optimization era.

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