by Tina Olivero

    New Outlooks For A Sustainable Energy Future

    The biggest obstacle to our success is the past. The past pulls us into thinking like we did before. We’ve “done it this way before” is a phrase that’s killing corporations and the possibilities of the new sustainable culture of energy that is emerging.

    To advance, we have to release the past and look forward. We need to envision and focus on a future that we truly desire and that serves us globally. To do that we will have to embrace technology, exponential growth, and rapid change. We can take the ride, or we can get left in the dust with our own resistance.

    Being Responsible – Able To Respond

    As soon as we hear the phrase “BE RESPONSIBLE,” it can conjure up connotations of hardship, struggle, or “have to” in the form of a moral obligation. But being responsible for our future is not a moral obligation – nor is it the job of the politicians or the current leadership, and it’s certainly not the job of the visionaries or inventors.

    Being responsible for the future is being ABLE to RESPOND to the conditions of our time and the current needs that are relevant to the people. Being able to respond to our current challenges is not owned by a few but rather, it is responsibility of EVERYONE. Every person in the world is affected by energy, the access to energy, the use of energy, and the sustainable future of everyone. It’s simple: energy is everyone’s business.

    Sustainable energy mindsets in communities, corporations, and cultures is a global foundation that is arising to meet the ever-increasing connected world. Globalization requests that we simultaneously think locally and globally.

    7 Mistakes We are Making: Let’s Learn From Them

    So what’s stopping us? Why are we in such upheaval? Why are so many people reactive to the price of oil, to layoffs, to change, and to a new world emerging? The answer is we don’t listen, we don’t learn, and we make mistakes and then continue to repeat them. Right now we are making 7 really big mistakes and, rather than learn from them, we are repeating them. Our job now is to learn from those mistakes and use them specifically to advance us forward:

    1. War doesn’t work. Places on the planet that still engage in physical wars will not advance. It’s just that simple. Communication and connection works.

    2. The power is not in the leadership – the power is in the people. All people are responsible for our future, not just the few in leadership or those with wealth. We must empower our leaders to create a strong environment for leadership. We must not criticize our leaders or allow leaders to criticize each other – that’s simply counter productive and stupid. Every time we do that we create the environment for “no leadership.”

    3. Collaboration trumps competition every time. We need a mindset and systems of connection and collaboration with emerging internet solutions that is entirely possible. Our job now is to harness the full capabilities of being globally interconnected and use it for the highest good.

    4. Sharing knowledge, the transfer of technology and the supporting of collaborative groups is the way forward. We should not be hoarding expertise, knowledge, or discoveries – we should be spending our time supporting each other to develop energy solutions in every way possible.

    5. Creativity, gut instinct, intuition, intention, ideas, brainstorming, vision, and imagination are the most powerful tools we have for creating a “heart-centered,” sustainable future, rather than calling on current or past methods based in logic and science to save the day. Extreme times of change require extreme solutions, and most often they come from our internal compass and traits such as being resilient, super creative, solution- oriented, and open to new and emerging ideas that will sustain us.

    6. Resisting technological advances is futile. We live in exponential growth times as a result of the internet, computers, and other digital devices. Almost everything we need is already on the internet. Our job now is to be the bridge between what’s out there and what’s needed in terms of the challenges that are relevant to people in their communities.

    7. Bringing the global expertise and knowledge together is essential to solving global challenges. This takes a global mindset and a global vision. We can’t operate with small local minds – we must expand into the bigger picture and make sustainable energy decisions that support us all. Our goal now is to design and implement whole system approaches that address the needs of the time and provide community change in sustainable new energy ways.

    U Publish It – A Self-Publishing Platform For Your Ideas and Solutions

    We live in an era of unprecedented connectedness. This connection will be the blood that pumps into the heart of the global economy and its evolution. We are living in a time where we can finally bring the greatest minds, ideas, solutions, and inventions together to create new energy-sustainable solutions.

    In this light, The OGM has architected a new source for intelligence – a similar concept to “wikipedia” but for the energy industry. Appropriately named U PUBLISH IT, this platform is the foundation for connecting the global mindset to collaborate and create a sustainable new energy future. It puts the power of sharing energy information back into the hands of “all people.” A free self- publishing platform, U PUBLISH IT acts as a common ground to bring forward the ideas and resources that will foster new realities.

    Each of us has a way to contribute to the sustainable future of our planet. U PUBLISH IT is one way to make that happen. It’s an ever-evolving portal to publish your ideas, knowledge, and expertise available to our global energy readers. It’s industry writing ABOUT industry, FOR industry.

    We want to bring your intelligence and innovations forward. Now is the perfect time for your adaptations and ideas. Now is the time to bring in our new era with grace and with ease. The future is requesting that our solutions come into play, and we know that you want to respond. To submit your stories, ideas, and visions please go to TheOGM.com and submit your articles through the U PUBLISH IT portal. Thank you for your intelligence and contribution to our new energy-sustainable world. YOU make all the difference.

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