by Aaryn Lambert

    Moving South?

    Not long after Christmas when those bone-chilling, -20 C temperatures, hit the Canadians, people start to scream, “I gotta get out of here.” Anyone who’s not a snow fan looks down under for a sandy beach solution. You’ll find entire communities of Canadians in Florida, and more and more, as economics and sunshine blend together, they are making an alternate lifestyle, for those who want to eliminate winter all together.

    Newfoundlander Gary Reardon, real estate developer and entrepreneur extraordinaire, saw that desire for sun and sand as a great opportunity. Gary set out to fulfill on clients’ intentions and with vision and passion for sunny lands, where he built the first Newfoundland—Florida solution for clients to easily transition from one region to another.

    After years of living in Florida himself and seeing enormous investment opportunity in the region, Gary now owns a home there. Clearly understanding the dynamics of moving to Florida coupled with his expertise in real estate, a natural solution was born: GarySellsFlorida.com

    “Moving south for the winter takes a lot of considerations,” says Gary. “You need to be able to find a home that suits your needs, your desires, your budget and your lifestyle. You also need to consider investment and financial issues along with residency and immigration status. What we did was design a company that packaged all of those solutions into one, so that the buyers into the Florida market had an easy transition with no surprises.”

    As a realtor, Gary set up a network of Florida state agents. He could see that aligning with the best agents in the area would catapult their success and effectively serve his Newfoundland clients. Gary says, “To date our Florida brokers have helped Newfoundlanders buy over 200 homes in Florida. There are 67,000 agents worldwide, and this year, we became number one in broker referral business.”

    It’s time to buy

    Gary says, “Florida is an excellent opportunity for investment. There are three main reasons for this:

    1. The Canadian dollar is close to being on par with the U.S. dollar. So we don’t lose any money on the exchange of our dollar.
    2. Interest rates are at an all-time low, and we predict it will stay that way for at least the next year.
    3. Florida has the lowest prices that we have seen in our lifetimes—now is the time to buy.

    With these three variables in place, it’s a perfect time to buy in Florida. Imagine you can buy a $5 million dollar home now for $750,000. The prices are phenomenal.”

    Gary says, “For our friends in Western Canada we’ve created a whole new set of sunny investment solutions in Arizona, U.S.”

    GarySellsArizona.com and GarySellsFlorida.com are sites designed to educate buyers on the opportunities down south. Check it out, sunny days ahead!

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