by Tina Olivero

    NEWFOUNDLAND: Our Infatuation With Icebergs

    Newfoundland is one of those rare places in the world where icebergs literally float by our doorstep.  Wonders of the arctic mist, these majestic creatures break off in spring and follow a path south to Newfoundland. The final resting place of these icebergs is the coastline.

    Attracting attention from around the world, icebergs are followed by tour companies, videographers, tourists, social media moguls, TV shows and talented photographers.

    The iceberg craze is founded in the magnetism of experience that happens when you see them.

    Alongside a mammoth iceberg you are left speechless and in awe. You get the understanding of nature…it’s balance and wisdom as you approach them. They steal your breath and command your eyes. These beauty beasts are rare and treasured and sharing them with the world has become a pursuit of thousands each year.

    Icebergs have been the source of demise with the Titanic but we’ve since learned to harness their beauty. These days if icebergs are in the way of oil and gas operations offshore, we tow them away.  If they are rolling and tipping we move out of harm’s way.  If they are in the path of our boats we can now navigate around them. So most iceberg hazards seem to be a thing of the past.

    Icebergs are the sensation of drone lovers, they are the passion of daredevils who actually scale them like walls and icebergs are even big enough that helicopters have landed on them.

    Icebergs have become a passion and expression of not only sports, tourism, art and music enthusiasts but they are the very essence of what Newfoundland is all about – astounding rugged beauty.

    Photographer Sheldon Hicks

    Sheldon wakes up when the world sleeps and ventures out into the wilderness to capture the perfect light for his photographs. His love of hiking, nature, and photography meld together in a pursuit of pure outdoor passion. A humble and warm man, Sheldon, talks about photography like it was the best thing that ever happened to him.  He says, “I worked in finance for over 20 years and then one day stopped.  I closed out all my business accounts and unleashed my heart with the breathtaking scenery of Newfoundland.”

    Through the lens of local photographer Sheldon Hicks, featured here are some of his photos from last spring.  Each one has a character, a name and a distinct home in the eye of his camera.

    Blown up to wall size hangings these iceberg photos command the attention of a room, like no other.

    Sheldon Hicks

    The berg with many faces


    Sheldon Hicks

    Sunset on the berg


    Sheldon Hicks



    sheldon hicks

    Over the Top


    Sheldon Hicks

    Attention Seeker



    FOR HOME OR OFFICE – For loved ones or colleagues

    Would you like to have a Sheldon Hicks Iceberg Wall Hanging for your home or office?  How about as a Christmas gift?

    On Canvas

     SEE IT in CUSTOMIZED FRAMED (contact for quote)

    sheldon hicks

    Yes! I’m very interested in pricing and options.

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