by Tina Olivero

    JUST ONE DAY: Without fossil fuels

    Dear Environmental Activists:

    I applaud you for bringing such attention to creating a healthy and sustainable world.

    It is great that so many people, especially our beautiful youth, focusing on sustainable energy initiatives. I hope to see you do that with not only fossil fuel addiction but other atrocities of this world.

    Right up there with energy addiction is drug addiction, spending addiction, consumption addiction, mobile phone addiction, computer addiction, and entitlement addiction.

    I believe there is a gaping misconception about fossil fuels and new energy. People like to think in either-or terms. It’s either fossil fuels OR new energy. Those that know the energy industry and know what they are talking about have enough information to realize that we aren’t getting to sustainable renewable energy without fossil fuels. It’s that simple! So the best thing we can do is use fossil fuels to FUEL US TO NEW ENERGY!


    Blame will always come back to bite you. And for every finger you point at your elders there are three more pointing back at you. In this light, I invite you to try this experiment: go ONE day without using any fossil fuel products or processes.

    Just one day with no bed, no bed clothes, no clothes on your back, no toothbrush, nothing to eat, no packaging, no phone, no travel, no school, no computer, no car, no house, no meals, no health care, no movies, no gaming, no work, no drugs, no vaping, no music played on electronics….. and the list goes on!

    Just one day ….and then learn FROM what you think you know… learn about misguided blame. Once you understand that your life depends on fossil fuels for its existence ask yourself what YOU ARE willing to do about it! Your elders didn’t intentionally try to create a polluted world, it came as a result of trying to feed you, clothe you, and educate you.

    Once you realize that a day without any fossil fuel is impossible….then strike and strike hard! Strike against YOUR OWN energy addiction.


    There is no us and them situation here. On matters of the planet, THERE IS ONLY WE! One world, one people we are all impacted by each other’s actions or lack of action.

    We live on this planet! We use energy! We must find united solutions! Unfounded blame will ultimately be indebted to the truth, and the truth is that energy addiction starts with YOU, and you and you and me!

    Therefore fossil fuel demand in this world comes from YOUR energy demand, DIRECTLY as a result of your energy use.

    KNOW THIS, nobody is stealing your future. You are robbing YOURSELF of your future unless you act. Unless you change. Unless you make the difference. Cut your energy consumption in half! Make a difference by enrolling all environmental activists to do the same….and let the world follow your actions of leadership rather than criticism and demise.

    If we all used half as much energy we would save the world easily from all the perils of emissions. Are you going to take that level of action? Are we?

    Are we using fossil fuels to create a sustainable future with tidal, solar and geothermal energy? Or are wasting it on vaping machines, tobacco products, pot, booze, opioids, two family cars, lots of pets, car idling, addictive phone use, meat over-consumption, plastic wrap, and junk food? You tell me what’s true and what’s real in the world around you. Take a look, what do our youth spend their time doing. How much of that activity and consumption is petroleum-related. Yes, that’s right! Almost ALL OF IT!

    Get your facts straight and be willing to take action. Do not blame others. As a parent, like many other parents, we are tired of giving and giving and giving to children that have the gall to blame the hand that feeds them. This is not ok. When you become a parent will you understand how utterly wrong and entitled this is. It’s also demoralizing because when you give your life to your kids’ success and work every day to provide them with everything they need, this is a rude and unconscious slap in the face.

    Parents should be honoured not blamed and this is something to instil in your future generations otherwise before long you will be to blame for everything that goes wrong on the planet. How would that make you feel?

    The wisdom of elders is critical to your success, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face. Instead, think about what’s positive. What’s possible. What can be done and what you are willing to do to contribute. Be mindful of your elders and all they have done and can continue to do, in contributing to your success.

    Climate change is a result of many factors but every one of them leads back to you, and your consumption of products, utilizing plastics, eating cow meat and dairy, using oil and gas, and the list goes on. Thankfully, and as a result of your efforts to strike for climate change, we are understanding this more and more every day.

    And underneath all of that energy, consumer, and consumption addiction is a lack of self-control. A lack of self-awareness. A lack of sustainable action. A lack of higher consciousness. So above all look at your self first.


    Reflect not on the actions of others and then take responsibility. Not responsibility like a moral obligation, but rather ABLE TO RESPOND! Respond by striking against products and processes that don’t support a sustainable future. Strike not against fossil fuels used to create wind energy but rather fossil fuels used to create drug addiction. Now that’s worthwhile!

    Just because you are insulted DOES NOT mean you are right, but it does mean that you are Ill-informed and entitled rather than inclusive and solution-oriented! Only when you stop blaming and start being the change you want to see in the world, will your words be authentic.

    You are beautiful, amazing people. I’m so proud of you that you have ensured you are not invisible in this world. You are showing the world your concerns, your voices, and that you care. That is an honourable quality. Because words, lead to actions, leads to results. I’m excited about seeing your results come into the world.

    You want the same thing as your elders. A healthy sustainable world. We all want that. We can all have that. This problem is not bigger than us, it is a part of us. And as we come to solve it we will be empowered in knowing who we really are as strong, creative UNITED beings. ONE WORLD is our mantra. ONE PEOPLE is our cultural discourse.

    The simple answer to climate change is this: be conscious enough to reduce our consumption of energy by half!

    Will you do it?

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