by Tina Olivero

    Log Lords & Cedar Homes

    Western Canada is home to the Red Cedar and this tree has been the life line of the Northwest Coast aboriginal culture and it is given great spiritual significance. Coastal aboriginal people used the Red Cedar for dugout canoes, house planks, bentwood boxes, clothing, and many tools such as arrow shafts, masks, and paddles. The inner bark made rope, clothing, and baskets. The long arching branches were also twisted into rope and baskets and used for many medicines.

    Red Cedar wood is naturally durable and light in weight. Today, it is used for house siding and interior paneling as well as outdoor furniture, decking, and fencing because of its high resistance to decay and insect damage. And then of course there is the smell of Cedar – it just pulls you in and makes you want to be there.

    The western Red Cedar is British Columbia’s official tree. The name plicata comes from a Greek word meaning “folded in plaits,” in reference to the arrangement of the leaves. The Red Cedar is also referred to as arbor-vitae, which is Latin for the phrase the “tree of life.”

    Where do you find the finest Red Cedar Log Homes on Earth? Right here in Canada. Pioneer Log Homes offers the worlds leading log homes with rustic appeal and superior creativity. Architectural experts exceed expectations with handcrafted log homes and timber frame structures that are luxurious and yet deeply in tune with nature. Built with Western Red Cedar, Pioneer log homes has an impressive log inventory that offers logs with beautiful wood carvings symbolizing nature and the animals in it. Homes are outfitted with custom design, cabinetry and doors with precision and detail.

    With distributorships across Canada, the USA and all around the world, Pioneer Log Homes are quickly gaining popularity and have a broad range of buyers spanning every continent. With interest skyrocketing there is even a show now called Timber Kings on HGTV highlighting the creative process and structures that we go through to construct incredible log homes. Timber Kings is so hip that it is now featured in 80 countries on the Discovery Network in the USA.

    Ken Auchinleck, Log Lord and Distributor for Pioneer Log Homes in Newfoundland, Canada, became so fascinated with creating his own log home that he went on to become the province’s Distributor. He will be featured on Timber Kings in early 2015. Ken says, “Mike Jacobson of Pioneer Log Homes suggested that I take on the role of Distributor for them in all of Newfoundland and Labrador. After much consideration, we agreed and they started construction on our custom house plan. Pioneer has their own architectural department headed up by Roy Keats who is from Bonavista, Newfoundland and Roy made all the design changes we required to ensure the home was laid out in the best way possible. It’s been an incredible process.”

    There are many custom features in Ken’s first log home. Such as, a 6 foot by 4 foot glass and ceramic tile shower that has a cedar log suspended over the shower through which the water for the shower head passes. It also contains lights for the shower, and the floor of the shower is heated providing an additional special feature.

    Almost every room in Ken’s log home has a view of the water and the sandy beach. The patio is about 2,000 square feet and the log home itself is 4,400 square feet. Three of the four bedrooms have their own patio doors as does the great room, dining room and recreation room – all of which lead to the water on Duck Pond in Bauline, Newfoundland. Architectural positioning with log homes is everything.

    Ken’s vision for log homes in Newfoundland is creative and assertive. He sees a full development for 9 log homes on Duck Pond. With one log home currently for sale, and the development space for nine more over looking the pond, you can only imagine what it will be like living there when it’s all done!

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