by Linita E. Mathew

    Beyond Homes: Innovation Through Identity and Intention

    Beyond Homes is a growing home development company that provides innovation through original intentions and identity.

    The home of today differs from the houses of the past as it has transformed from simply a roof over one’s head to a place where people create vivid memories of their most intimate moments. A house has drifted from its role of being the place where people go in-between their lives to a place of solitude and serenity; a sanctuary to escape the day-to-day stresses that accompany a fast-paced urban life. When shopping for a ready-made home, it is easy to sense if we belong in the environment or not. Establishing a connection with a home that is built is much different because the vision of the design has already been brought to life. And, either this vision resonates with the buyer or it does not. However, how can a buyer be certain of this connection when hiring a homebuilder? In order to establish a home that eases into a specific comfort level, it is important to be able to evoke our own identity, not only in the aesthetical aspect, but in the structural aspect as well. Beyond Homes, a company that has been building residential homes in Calgary for almost the past decade, breaks away from year-model housing and envisions that each home created is unique to the specific buyer. Each home focuses on the company’s key elements of: design, uniqueness, and detail.

    Beyond Homes was envisioned by Alkarim who strived to create a home developing company focused on constructing homes through design excellence. He soon realized the necessity and the power of a woman’s touch on home design when his wife, Majida who is an intern architect, joined his team and expanded his awareness of the different possibilities to approach architecture and design of the home. The husband and wife are joined by a knowledgeable design and construction team, and a supportive family all of who play a crucial role in bringing the vision of your home to life. Their hard work and dedication to building homes was recently recognized at the Canadian Home Builders Association’s SAM awards for the Best Villa/Duplex up to $350,000. The couple maintains that their inspiration comes from all directions: legends of the past, innovators of the present, and travelling the world to learn more from cultures dedicated to the simplistic beauty of natural elements. However, before using their creative endeavours to build your home, your own creativity and imagination must first set the stage.


    The first step of creating the house of your dreams is to set your intentions of what exactly this consists of. Homeowners must connect to the project and build their passion from the bottom stages up. Beyond Homes encourages their buyers to do their own research, be meticulous with each and every detail, and use the accessibility of the Internet to your advantage. “We like when a buyer is well-versed in what they are looking for from the get go, so when we deliver the product, they know exactly what they are getting.” Once the details are established, buyers must find a spark with their developer: “dream high and challenge your developer.” This company is firm on the idea that it is important to talk to a few developers to ensure there is a proper connection between the buyer and the builder with whom you are entrusting the development of your home. Before laying the groundwork and cement, this in fact, is the real foundation of your new home.


    Now that the intentions have been set, the identity of the buyer is ready to be instilled in the home. Often, homes are decorated according to the needs of the owner; there is a raw essence of individuality in every home perceived by those who enter it. Homeowners are quick to ensure that the colours, scents, and accessories align with their own personality, so why not the structural design? The home must be infused with your own personal qualities because as your identity establishes your home, your home reinforces this identity to others. Just as each person is unique with their own personal flavours and tastes for life, Alkarim and Majida also believe that the quality of home construction should match this. Beyond Homes creates new models every year and with every home to ensure that the model of your home is not repeated elsewhere. The personality of the buyer and the reflection of their identity through their home is individualized, preserved, and respected by the developer.


    Once Beyond Homes has a clear idea of your intentions and identity as a buyer, they are able to undertake the project passionately; projects started on the foundation of passion will ensure the house lives up to the expectation of both the buyer and the builder. The entire team must believe in the potential of the project as each person plays an integral role in the company. When this occurs, innovation can shine through and construct a new brand of home. Apart from a well-versed construction team, their design team works beyond means to stay onsite and ensure that the construction is accurate to the original vision. Alongside construction, innovation is seen through building green: “Materials are employed with honesty, passion, and ecological awareness.” The company approaches home construction with eco-friendly technology incorporated through: insulation, light bulbs, windows, tankless hot water systems, recycled materials, programs, and home relocation. Likewise, new technology is constantly introduced into home design. For example, recently they rolled out nest thermostats that help reduce heating bills through smart sense technology and learning the patterns of your home. However, sustainability of the home is never compromised at the expense of the design. Alkarim and Majida aspire for their homes to be kept alive and living for the next 50-100 years.

    Beyond Homes is a growing home development company that provides innovation through original intentions and identity. They are expanding geographically out of Calgary, towards Edmonton and Vancouver. However, they are looking to build upon and further their growth within the city through multi-family and commercial developments. When passion and vision merge, as did intention and design, the company is sure to continue rapid growth in all its ventures because of the unique ability this company brings to the buyer. As the saying goes: the home is where the heart is, therefore, the home should be created by bringing one’s deepest desires to life.

    Linita E. Mathew

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