by Tina Olivero

    Energy & Lifestyle: Elite Homes Of Calgary, Canada

    Nestled in the heart of Calgary, Alberta, is the factor group of companies. To say they are “everything exceptional about homes, is an understatement. The factor group is the parent company of several businesses, including Design Factor Homes Inc., which focuses on custom residential homes. Providing exquisite and elite homes to the energy industry is what they do best.

    Design Factor Homes has an experienced and professional custom home building team in Calgary. Their architects, specification writers, project managers and budget and schedule control specialists guide their clients through the entire renovation and design process from start to finish, turning their dream homes into stunning customized realities. Seen here is one of Design Factor Homes’ signature projects. It adorns the soft yet strong lines of architecture, which customarily reflect their craftsmanship and precision.

    Design Factor Homes is committed to satisfying their client’s ultimate wishes with an ideal combination of creative architectural design and the highest quality construction available in the city of Calgary. Committed to excellence and precision, the team of Design Factor Homes is redefining the art and practice of building the perfect residential space customized to fulfill their client’s vision.

    At Design Factor Homes, “good enough” doesn’t even come close to what they are out to accomplish. You can indulge your senses in the ultimate kitchen. Feel completely at home in your comfortable and luxurious bedroom, and destress from the day in a bathroom that is uncluttered and simply exquisite! When you expect integrity, experience, top quality and professionalism, Design Factor Homes is the place for your space. Come for a visit. www.thefactorgroup.com

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