Transportation & Logistics Featured Stories:

    • FLASH RACKS: The UBER of Energy Pick Up and Delivery

      by Tina Olivero

      What happens to oil after it gets pumped out of the ground?  In the United States, oil that is pumped to the surface is then moved to a holding tank. From there it is transported by truck or pipeline to a refinery where it will get processed into several products, including gasoline, diesel or jet fuel. […]

    • Tina Olivero: Unbiased Media Emerging

      by Tina Olivero

      With all the drama and negativity in the news these days it’s really hard to believe what you watch on TV as being the “truth”. My life doesn’t look like that. Does yours? The news is saturated in sensationalism. It’s a sponge for controversial topics. It has a never-ending hunger of demise that feeds on […]

    • Petroleum Products Reseller Finds Financial Answer

      by Tina Olivero

      Chetwynd Petroleums adds ERP software integration with automated sales, inventory control with financial management tools Chetwynd Petroleums Ltd., a high-volume fuels distribution business operating in remote northern British Columbia, needed reliable integrated business management financial tools fast. It isn’t uncommon for the company to process 300-400 fuel sales a day or more – amounting to […]

    • Terminal Inventory Automation: Developing a More Efficient Supply Chain

      by Scott Fleck

      Embracing Efficiency In today’s energy markets, embracing new technology is more than just beneficial—it is also an essential step for companies that hope to stay ahead of the competition. Timely receipt of high-quality inventory data is a prerequisite for efficient supply chain operations, well-grounded analytics, and smarter decision making. However, many oil and gas suppliers, […]

    • Setting Roots On Rocky Shores

      Integrated Logistics Exposé

      Since the arrival of their first cargo ship at the Port of Long Pond Manuals, Newfoundland, Integrated Logistics (IL) has lived by the statement “We Can Handle It”. Specializing in project cargo that moves by marine transport, the company has been growing their operation with that core value since 2009. In each assignment that statement drives their […]

    • Keltic: Transportation Solutions Made Simple

      Keltic Logistics & Transportation Exposé

      The oil, gas, and energy industry’s unique shipping requirements demand just-in-time service from transportation and logistics companies. The pressure is immense: only those companies prepared to rise to the occasion can excel. By investing heavily in technology, equipment and, most importantly, their personnel, Keltic has positioned itself to tackle logistical challenges and help their clients […]

    • Crude By Rail

      by Tina Olivero

      Transporting crude oil by rail has been growing in North America and with pipeline concerns mounting it is becoming even more attractive in Western Canada. Rail transport has a multitude of benefits over other crude transport solutions. CN Unit Train: 70 to 120 cars carrying only crude oil Manifest trains are mixed cargo trains delivering […]

    • Measuring The Safety of North American Tankers

      by Bruce Lantz

      The abundance of liquid natural gas produced in Canada is raising the demand for export and increased movement; tankers are gaining in popularity and in policy, and are proving their worth in safety. As the Canadian oil and gas industry seeks attractive offshore markets, the thirst for profit is being played out against the backdrop […]