by Tina Olivero

    PostaPlus: Logistics is a Global Game

    PostaPlus was founded in 2005 and has since enjoyed balanced growth; evolving from a simple domestic courier company into a leading regional provider of global business, logistics and shipping solutions. They are a friendly and highly skilled team of specialists brought together by their desire to create a borderless world that curtails the barriers of trade for a seamless and convenient flow of parcels.

    For more than a decade, their most important resources are their excellent staff who are supported by innovative systems and processes, which has in turn helped PostaPlus to plan, execute and oversee the most convenient logistics and shipping solutions that provide business organisations with fast transit times and seamless connections to their desired locations.

    Since PostaPlus’s launch, they have built a reputation focused on a very high level of customer service and a commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards in all aspects of their pick-and-pack, e-commerce, customs clearance, express, warehousing, domestic, freight, and mail room services

    PostaPlus’s vision is to become the industry’s most customer-convenient company, delivering on our commitment to offer innovative and reliable e-commerce and logistics solutions.

    The OGM had the opportunity to interview PostaPlus and get an inside look at the company and their decision to expand their services into America.

    The OGM
    Why did you decide to expand into America?

    It goes almost without saying that the US, by all relevant means and metrics is an outstandingly important trade and logistics corridor for the Middle East. From this perspective, I should emphasize that for a fast expanding and highly energetic express logistics group like PostaPlus, being physically in the US is simply a prerequisite for being better able to meet and exceed the constantly changing and challenging customer expectations for now and in the future.  That said, our new premises in New Jersey will help our company position itself very strategically to manage both inbound and outbound express and cargo streams more flexibly around the clock and thereby providing its customers with a very convenient way of managing their own supply chains from & into the US with required ease of use and sense of security. Last but definitely not the least, I am equally positive that opening of our new service center in the US, will also stand for a very big “Plus” for our existing and potential customers, using PostaPlus flagship product “MYBOX” whereby they can shop around at various leading US e-retailers and then have their orders shipped back to their homes fast and hassle-free, all coming back to them with absolute value-for-money. 

    The OGM
    What innovations do you feel you have that are important to clients in the Shipping and Express sector?

    My thinking here is simple and straightforward. While you, as the “leading-edge” provider of express logistics services, have a solid customer promise to keep and exceed in terms of speed, reliability, process efficiency and overall user experience, the most important catalyst, surrounding this fundamental task will be your corporate capability to integrate yourself into relevant systems, interfaces of your customers, 3rd party sub-contractors or bodies of government in such a complete way to elevate the whole of transaction to a brand new height. This is, if you like, your currency for becoming a vital link in the value chains of your customers. To this end, new digital fronts such as IOT, Big Data and Intelligent Mobility would also remain critical areas to watch and act on in order to keep your service capabilities and commercial value propositions relevant in this fast changing world. Similarly, finding and implementing novel ways of training your people, or of engaging them to show their best of potential, no matter how “brick and mortar” they look on the surface, will still remain the constant game changers. People are truly the “wild card” in the game.

    The OGM
    With globalization happening, what do you see as the future of shipping and logistics?

    Although it appears to be a bit disrupted on the backdrop of recent political and macro-economic developments, I realistically believe that globalization is here to stay with shipping and logistics industries being an indispensable part of it. Like a body of flowing water, global trade will surely find itself new ways of developing and getting around obstacles, likewise the logistics industry would always be at the forefront of innovating new ways of service so that the famous pledge “Right Time, Right Place, Right Quantity, Right Price” would keep resonating the same as if it were first pronounced. On the other hand, we, at PostaPlus, are the apostles of “Customer Convenience” meaning that delivering these “Rights” is just the beginning of a whole new type of story. After all, you may opt to say that life is the sum of breaths you take or like to say that it is the moments that take your breath away. Quality, if looked from this vantage point, would be a sure way to change what you understand from quantity as well.

    The OGM
    Do you have plans to expand into Canada?

    Posta Plus
    As a lot of trade is being carried out between these two big member countries of NAFTA , my practical thinking is that after having a meaningful  foothold with our activities in the US, expanding into Canada will be a natural step for Posta Plus to take.

    The OGM
    Immigration is always a major consideration for clients.  How do you overcome immigration delays and provide timely deliveries?

    As long as the shipment information with regards to origin and destination as well as the contents are given in full and correctly, PostaPlus will do its utmost to fulfill the delivery as promised in conformity with the legal requirements and in contact with the authorities at both ends of the shipment cycle. 

    The OGM
    What is the capacity of your shipments – how large, how heavy?

    The weight spectrum of PostaPlus express parcel shipments is normally between 0,5 – 30 Kg., with a room to rarely increase up to 100 Kg. Specifically speaking, it is practically between 0,5 – 5 Kg., for B2C traffic and they are mostly non-volumetric. For B2B traffic, the heavier (volumetric included) and larger shipments are more likely.

    The OGM
    What shipping and logistic services do you predict will be the MOST important for the oil and gas industry in the next 5 years?

    I predict the “Upstream” and “Downstream” segments will behave more or less similarly in terms of their respective shipping and logistics needs and the ways they fulfill them going forward. For the cargo forwarding and express parcel segments in particular, I see more focus and demand on such key themes as “ Just in Time “, “End-to-End visibility and process control” and “Economy of Price.”

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