by Tina Olivero

    OK Tire: $100 million-dollar Canada-wide expansion plan

    OK Tire has announced plans to upgrade and relocate their Newfoundland distribution centre from the town of Clarenville to Mount Pearl. The move is part of their $100 million-dollar Canada-wide expansion plan over the next five years.

    “The move to Mount Pearl from Clarenville, Newfoundland will allow for a more streamlined distribution strategy with a better assortment to become more aligned with market demands,” says Mike Rutherford, COO of OK Tire. “The site is conveniently located in the industrial area and will provide key access to trucking and transportation options as well as major highway access, providing an enhanced dealer service model”.

    The new Mount Pearl centre will span 16,000 square feet, and is better-located to meet the needs of the dealers and customers in the area.

    “At the heart of this project is a need to better serve our dealers and, by extension, our customers,” says Jim Caldwell, President & CEO OK Tire Stores Inc. “With an increase of approximately 30 dealers per year, our distribution centres need to effectively keep up with the growth. This move will help secure our business for future opportunities.”

    The distribution centre expansion is the first major initiative of OK Tire’s five-year growth plan. Adding over 500,000 square feet to OK Tire’s network over all regions in Canada, the program is the largest expansion in the company’s 66-year history.

    About OK Tire

    OK Tire is the largest independent tire and auto service retailer in Canada and the fourth largest in North America. It has been part of the Canadian landscape since 1953. There are over 300 independently owned and operated OK Tire locations across the country. Each franchise location is unique within its geographical area, tailoring its offerings to meet customers’ needs, and covering everything from the front bumper to the back. www.oktire.com

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