Law Featured Stories:

    • The Impact of Offsets

      by Jennifer Weiss

      Offsets can be used to support voluntary sustainability goals or meet compliance obligations by counter balancing (or offsetting) the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated from direct or indirect activities with voluntary emission reductions occurring somewhere else. Examples of offsetting include a company meeting its compliance obligation under a cap-and-trade program, an organization choosing to balance […]

    • Fracking Regulation in Newfoundland & Labrador

      by Christopher Payne

      The proposed plan to access Green Point shale in western Newfoundland using hydraulic fracturing (commonly referred to as “fracking”) has raised the issue of how Newfoundland and Labrador will regulate fracking. Fracking has been a controversial subject in the province, and throughout North America, due to concerns that the injection of chemical treatments into reservoirs […]

    • Financing Energy Projects During The Project Lifecycle

      by Lydia Bugden

      Energy projects—be they oil and gas, mining, conventional hydro or renewable energy—are ­generally capital intensive, and financing is critical to success. Many resource undertakings share a similar ­trajectory, and many factors influence the type of financing available throughout the project’s lifecycle. Early stage exploration entities are often the riskiest ventures, and commercial lenders are generally […]

    • Acquisitions In The Technology Industry

      by Claudius Du Plooy

      In the last edition, I highlighted some due diligence considerations for a business wanting to acquire a technology venture. In this article, I will focus on some important factors to keep in mind regarding the actual acquisition transaction. Although the ­interaction ­between oil and gas and technology is ­nothing new, there is an increase in […]

    • Energy Technology Acquisitions – Details & Diligence

      by Aaryn Lambert

      Large acquisitions or mergers in exploration and production usually make the headlines and get considerable attention.  But acquisitions of innovation and technology companies often do not get the same level of attention.  Yet, the impact and importance of these businesses to the energy sector are undeniable—think of the new multi-billion dollar plays that the new […]

    • Offshore Oil: Risk and Regulation in Canadian Waters

      by Alexander MacDonald, Q.C.

      Companies drilling for oil offshore of Newfoundland and Labrador face some of the most challenging physical risks anywhere in the world. Physical risk, such as spills or injury to persons or property, is an easily understood topic that garners a lot of attention. Some environmental groups suggest Canadians should simply ban drilling off the coasts […]

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