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    • 9 Important Questions About Unanimous Shareholder Agreements

      by Claudius Du Plooy

      Private corporations, especially if they are owner-managed, exist in a dynamic business environment. In periods of economic contraction, corporate activity in consolidations increase as companies look for ways to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. In periods of economic expansion some owners look for good opportunities to exit the business, while financial and strategic investors look […]

    • Corporate Succession: Passing the Torch to Your Employees

      by Claudius Du Plooy

      There are many ways to create opportunities for sharing ownership in your corporation. The success of a particular business or corporation is often a joint effort between the original founders and a key employee or handful of key employees. When small or start-up companies have very little initial value, encouraging employees to become shareholders and […]

    • Public Review of Fracking: Where are we now?

      by Conor Stack

      The big question on everyone’s mind, and ultimately the purpose of the ongoing public review, is whether or not hydraulic fracturing will be allowed as a means to tap the potentially vast amounts of oil trapped in the shale rock off the coast of Western Newfoundland. A year and half ago, the province’s Minister of […]

    • Get Your Clause Into It

      by Peter Shea

      International and multifaceted, the oil and gas industry is no stranger to conflict. In negotiating and closing a complicated transaction, a dispute resolution clause may often be an afterthought. Should a dispute arise however, a properly drafted clause that reflects commercial reality between contracting parties may prove to be invaluable. Dispute Resolution Clauses: Dispute resolution […]

    • Dawgs of Law

      by Tina Olivero

      The eagle soars down from the trees over a convoy of bikers and takes the lead, as if to say, “follow me”.  His place in front of the riders, he is king of the over world, leader of the flock.  He beckons them onward as they ride through the winding roads that are twisty and […]

    • The Information Act – What Can You Really Know?

      by J. Alex Templeton

      Operators in the Newfoundland and Labrador offshore area are required to provide a plethora of information to the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB), some of which they expect to be kept confidential. With an increase in the number of access- to-information requests made to the board, there’s been a corresponding increase in the […]

    • Unique Financing Options Through Exempt Securities

      by Patrick Hlavac-Winsor

      Raising Corporate Capital While Mitigating Costs As an oil and gas lawyer in private practice and currently as a securities lawyer at a quasi-judicial body, I have learned to be cautious when expressing personal views. On that note, I need to preface that this overview is not intended as legal advice, and a lawyer with […]

    • The Impact of Offsets

      by Jennifer Weiss

      Offsets can be used to support voluntary sustainability goals or meet compliance obligations by counter balancing (or offsetting) the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated from direct or indirect activities with voluntary emission reductions occurring somewhere else. Examples of offsetting include a company meeting its compliance obligation under a cap-and-trade program, an organization choosing to balance […]

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