Finance Featured Stories:

    • How to Reduce the Biggest Expense of Your Life: Taxes

      by Aaryn Lambert

      Financial Engineer Discusses Ways to Troubleshoot Unnecessary Financial Burdens Taxes account for the most expensive burden you’ll experience in your lifetime, says engineer-turned-independent financial planning coach Rao K. Garuda. In addition to federal, state, city and death taxes, there are 59 other varieties. Relatively few taxes, however, account for the bulk of the burden on […]

    • Proactive Corporate Governance Equals ROI

      by Danielle Doll

      Clients often ask me what’s the ROI on corporate governance; i.e., how does good corporate governance affect “the bottom line”?  Good corporate governance can improve operational performance. It’s not just a compliance system, it’s the philosophy of governing the organization through proactive management from the top down. Good corporate governance transcends basic governance practices (legal […]

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