Finance Featured Stories:

    • European Investors Eager for Canadian Oil and Gas Production

      by Graham Chandler

      European investors getting nervous about domestic investments reap generous returns from Canadian producing properties funds. As turmoil and market uncertainties dominate European economies, many Euro investors are growing uneasy. Typically in times like these, savvy investors turn to hard assets—traditionally ‘bricks and mortar’. But with many Euro area countries teetering, eyes are being cast overseas in […]

    • Do You Measure Up?

      by Tina Olivero

      “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. And if it isn’t being measured, it isn’t being managed.” That’s the thinking of BDC Consulting Manager Mike Green. “Tools for measuring, such as those of the International Standards Organization (ISO), are like a scoreboard,” says Green, and are essential for objectively evaluating how a company […]

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