by Tina Olivero

SALES PRO: Robb Quinn Shares 3 Biggest Sales Mistakes

Have you ever heard of a sales virtuoso? 

I hadn’t either until I met one.

His name is Robb Quinn, and in my thirty years of business, I haven’t seen anyone quite like this guy. 

When it comes to business sales, Robb Quinn authentically knows his stuff. And believe it or not, that’s a rarity in the sales world.

Think about it. Every single business out there works like this….

1. There’s something for sale

2. There’s everyone else in the business supporting the sale of that thing. 

Sounds so simple right?

Then why isn’t everyone doing it and doing it well?


In business, the sales division is the lifeblood of the company. It’s the engine of your business. It’s the source of all power. It drives everything forward yet we know so little about sales. 

Instead what we mostly see happening in business with sales is:

  1. Some people think they know sales but they really don’t. 
  2. Some people avoid sales as much as possible and get busy doing everything else. 
  3. Some people go through the motions of sales and pretend they are doing sales. 
  4. Some people think marketing is sales and it isn’t.
  5. Some people who do sales halfway and think they have it down pat.

All of which leads to the inability to grow, scale and succeed in business. So if your company isn’t where you’d like it to be. Check out what’s really going on in your sales department.


Robb Quinn is the CEO of The Sales Agency. In the midst of a pandemic, he’s not only stayed in business but he’s scaled his company beyond anything you could imagine. How’d he do that? Sales. That’s how.

So what makes Robb Quinn different when it comes to sales? Here’s my advice; study, work with, eat, sleep, breath, everything Robb Quinn says about sales. He’s got a powerful formula, system, and strategies that will lead you to success.


When it comes to sales there can be a lot of victory in the close, but getting there will have some challenges. In order to feel that victory is avoiding these 3 biggest mistakes! Not just tactical, the mental and awareness side of the process. 

Fall in love with the process and the process will be good to you. 

The three biggest mistakes sales reps are making on sales calls is 

  1. Tracking
  2. Falling into sales ruts
  3. Not practicing sales calls


Robb Quinn has sales reps on his own team, and works with hundreds of sales reps through the Sales Academy. He says the key to success is tracking. Let the data do the talking. Tracking things like:

  1. Close rate 
  2. Connected calls 
  3. Show rate 
  4. Cash collected 
  5. Percentages first call close 
  6. Percentages for a second call closed

If you’re not tracking these things then all of your feelings are coming from what you think is happening rather than the data. When that happens your actions will start to reflect those feelings rather than the real data explanation.

Robb Quinn says, “In order to avoid sales by “feeling”, you want to make sure that you have hard data to look at to be able to make your decisions from. When you start tracking sales data are going to be able to look at it and rationalize rather than react. You can look at your data and say, OK I had two days where I had 10 calls each day and I actually had 70% of those calls show up. I advance four of them in the right direction. 14 of them showed up and two didn’t reschedule. That’s hard data. We can look at the data, the inputs and realize that it was actually a good day even though there wasn’t a sale that day. Those inputs will lead to sales.”

Robb Quinn shares a little wisdom, “I think the most important quote I read somewhere goes something like this. In God we trust, and everyone else must bring data.”


Having worked with hundreds of sales reps, Robb Quinn says that falling into a sales rut is the second big pitfall in sales. He says, “Sales ruts will be the thing that is going to determine if you’re going to hit your Commission and goals for that month and if you’re going to achieve your president’s club status at the end of the year. If you’re in the game of sales and you fall into a rut and you don’t know how to get out, or you don’t realize you’re getting in one, it can absolutely tank your month and set you on a downward spiral with your mindset.”

Robb Quinn explains how to avoid sales ruts, “The first thing you want to do is create more balance in your schedule. We notice more times than not, with sales reps that hit sales ruts, is a lack of structure and balance. So the first thing we do is look at their calendar to see what’s going on. If they haven’t made any time to eat, or we don’t see any time to read, or we don’t see any time to go do stuff with their friends, or we don’t see any type of structure to keep up with family members, relatives, and significant others, or we don’t see any time to workout, these become issues and create sales ruts. Legitimate, authentic goals will be on the calendar. They will be tracked and they will be executed. If none of this stuff is on their calendar then it’s just something that sounds cool but it’s not really a priority. Whatever is a priority ends up on a calendar. People don’t miss weddings, doctor’s appointments, travel flights, vacations, because it’s a priority. It’s on the calendar.”

The rut happens when we aren’t organized and structured with priorities. From there, things go downhill and when you don’t close any sales for the day you quickly start to make it mean something about yourself. We start to think things like, “I didn’t close any sales calls today, I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve anything because I suck. Now all of a sudden you find yourself eating cake, drinking, or making bad life decisions ’cause you’re identifying as your performance that day rather than simply setting priorities and tracking data. 

We need data and priorities on our calendar in order to realize that we do a job, we are not that job. That job doesn’t mean anything about us. Its actions and priorities with measurable, tangible outcomes. As human beings, we need to prioritize our health, our happiness, our connection. That’s how we are wired up. All of that has to be built into our schedule to keep mind, body, and spirit in balance.

Robb Quinn says, “Instead of sales ruts creating feelings of inadequacy, use them as a way to re-evaluate your priorities and schedule them on your calendar. Use them as a way to correct inputs and fall in love with the process. When you fall in love with the process, the process will be good to you.”


Salespeople must always be practicing and honing their skills. If you’re not practicing, watching your sales tapes, getting mentoring and coaching, reading books, and improving, then you are not fully in the game and it’s limiting your potential. Even if you are number one on the team, that still holds true.

Robb Quinn says, “Peak performance in sales means leaving the ego at the door and practicing your sales calls. Whether that means working with a partner and doing role-plays, listening to your own sales calls, finding gaps in the language of sales and objections. There’s so much great stuff to learn about your approach and yourself. When I was selling, I would write down the objection on a flashcard and what I would say to them that actually created the outcome I was looking for. I studied the calls carefully. I had a library of responses and rebuttals.”

When you think about it, sales is nothing more than a reflection of yourself. Your ability to create priorities, track them, analyze the data, improve and grow. Sales is also about getting out of your own way when you are self-sabotaging and in a rut. Sales success is the ultimate journey because through repetition and improvements, practice and patience it reveals who you are. It is the pathway to your highest potential. Not only will sales mean monetary gains, life success, and achieving goals and dreams, but it is also an incredible inward journey. Sales rocks.

I had the privilege to be mentored and taught by Robb Quinn and his incredible team at The Sales Agency. We learned to have sales meetings first thing and last thing every day. We learned to tally results. Practice, practice evaluate and practice some more. We learned to set priorities and to stand for a culture of peak performance. That experience catapulted our business at The OGM into exponential success. We are thankful for his leadership and methods especially in such uncertain times.

Robb Quinn spends his days sharing insights and sales gems in a way that will elevate your sales department and your life overall. He’s inspiring. He will teach you to sharpen your craft and become the best sales pro possible. He is a master of sales teams. He is a sales virtuoso.


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