by Jim Rhodes

    Sapphire Technologies Named as a Finalist for Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Achievement Award

    Sapphire Technologies announced  that it has been named as a finalist for the 2021 Kirkpatrick Chemical Engineering Achievement Award for its clean power generation technology in hydrogen and natural gas industrial applications.

    The judges selected Sapphire Technologies as one of five finalists in recognition of its FreeSpin™ In-line Turboexpander (FIT) generator system, which offsets carbon emissions and improves the transmission efficiency of natural gas pipelines by recovering wasted energy at pressure reduction stations and turning it into usable electricity.

    Chemical Engineering has presented the biennial Kirkpatrick Award continuously since 1933. The award honors the most noteworthy chemical engineering technologies commercialized anywhere in the world over the past two years. The winner of the award will be announced later this year.

    “It is a great honor to be named one of the finalists for this prestigious award,” said Freddie Sarhan, CEO of Sapphire Technologies. “Sapphire’s FIT will play a key role in maximizing the efficiency of natural gas and hydrogen distribution networks while reducing CO2 emissions. At the same time, our customers will realize an attractive return on investment due to the low capital and lifecycle costs of our energy recovery systems.”

    Sapphire Technologies’ systems are hermetically sealed and contain an integrated high-speed turboexpander that drives a synchronous permanent magnet high-speed generator levitated on non-contact active magnetic bearings (AMBs). The AMBs provide contact-free operation for the rotating components of the turboexpander, which improves system efficiency and eliminates costly maintenance over the life of the machine.

    About Sapphire Technologies

    Based in Cerritos, Calif., Sapphire Technologies develops, manufactures and sells energy recovery systems for hydrogen and natural gas industrial applications. These reliable and sustainable systems are specifically designed to convert the energy wasted in pressure reduction processes into clean electric power without interrupting manufacturing or processing activities. Sapphire Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Calnetix Technologies

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